How to fix Flash starter / Pull Start For Paramotor

hey, everybody, I hope you all doing
well Today we are going to change the cord for a pull start or flash start for my Paramotor, we are going to know from where can we get a new one and how we can fix it well what happened last time I had a
successful flight and landing but what happened after2x landing I tried to
restart the motor and the cord cut off I think we can find a new cord in a
fishing equipment store or any hardware store but I’m going to break it up from
a fishing equipment store we have a nearby one here so let’s pick it up
first and then we will come back to see how we can change it cold today this is parking spot well a little bit is okay okay. that its sort of the same one okay we are here again and we have the cord we bought five-meter which is
more than what we need ummm… probably we need between two one three meter not more
than that I guess and this cord is really good one it has
a shield plastic shield inside and outside so and the most important thing
it should be the same thickness okay without further to do let’s go to change
it so as you can see we have the paramotor here and the first of all we
have to take off the harness to to get to the bull starter, I will show you now if we take off the harness we will reach this mechanism for pull start of course
you will see it really clear this is by the way the Pollini
tour 200 so, first of all, let’s remove it ah beautiful cat man this is soo boring -_- okay as you see I have removed the
harness and I reach the pole stored mechanism here so what we need to do is
just your move those I think it’s 4 Allen key screws I will just unscrew them and I
will come back to so I have just lose the screws here so as you can see the are all
loosen now we have to be careful here because as you can see there’s a little
pulley here we don’t want to lose it so just take it like that and pull everything out to reach the inner poly we need to remove this screw also using allen
key and then we will reach the cord we can see it from here using Allen key we
can start to dismantle the unit the direction of the Jaw is counterclockwise
like that gently left top cover be careful there
are two small pieces for the clutch teeth, I would call it! And under that there are
two small Springs let’s put these things in the safe place now gently left the clutch base if it’s difficult to left just try to rotate it gently left and right until it is easy
to left This is the inner coil you don’t have to take it off you can see the old
cord, remove the old cord from here like that you can pull the old cord or cut it
using cutter now we remove the cord make sure you
have almost same linked new cord now we are going to insert the new cord okay we have now the cord inn now we must
make a knot here by making this knot we prevent the court from drawing out now make sure the knot is positioned
properly so it doesn’t obstruct reel we can test the knots now just to make sure
everything is correct now you have to wrap the cord on the
reel in this way this hole is going to that side so you must wrap the cord in
the same direction as that try to wrap one or two times okay that’s enough Now we should start assembly unit So what you have to do is try to match this edge here in the coil To the notch in the base match them together okay done something wrong you will hear
like a click when you put it correctly okay now just make sure that everything
is correct gently pull it not too much because we don’t have the screw you will feel some resistant mean you’ve done a great job so far now what those two spring back put them like that We will put those two teeth for the
the clutch in this position closed position now we have to put the cover back we would make
that everything is working fine before we tighten that screw so that means that everything is working fine we have to tighten that screw now okay now everything’s fucking fine That is looked great and Now we will test
that we will pull it hard it’s okay there it’s working now after we finished we have to make
sure that we have the handle because we are going to make this tight so it will
draw the code inside if we don’t have that handle just slide the cord through
the handle and make a knot after that okay I made a joint here on the handle
so what we need to do now is just to make that that rotate tighter or harder
so what you have to do is just look for the notch on the pulley and try to grab
the line from inside through this notch here drag it like this now you have to rotate
it and counterclockwise when it’s in the hole herein the notch do that now release it
let it go until you get the notch again so one more time inside this
notch, rotate it like this okay I think we need one more time so
let it go we need it one more bring it here rotate it now let it go
let us check I think it’s good it’s not that much it’s not hard it’s not easy so
it will come back easy we need to reassemble in the motor so that’s it
from here I think it’s easy let’s do it there okay let’s put this here so just knot here another one Thank you so much for watching I hope that I succeeded in presenting something useful today if so, please smash the like button And get subscribe see you in the sky bye bye

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