How to FIX the ROLL OVER so it NEVER happens again! [Baseball Swing Fix for the Dreaded Roll Over!]

What’s up guys? Coach Madden, and I got a great video for you today because we’re gonna
talk about the dreaded rollover what it is what’s causing it how to fix it for
once and for all we’re getting rid of the rollover if you got a rollover in
your swing this is the video for you before we get started I want to say
thank you to CagePro Tee the CagePro Tee is a pivot action tee that has the
softest and most durable tee topper of all the pro style tees on the market for more
information on the CagePro Tee click the link down below. First of all, what is
the roll over roll over is just when our hands get out and away from our body and
then our wrist rolls over in our swing and we have a bubble in our swing when
our wrist roll over the back kinda gets a little bubble in the swing and because
of that we usually hit the ball out in front and on top which ends up being a
weak ground ball to our pull side so it looks a little something like this when
we roll over the ball that one was actually a little hard for a rollover
I’ll try to do a real roll over here that was a little bit better so I got
along with my hands my wrist rolled over I got a bubble on the swing weak ground
ball to my pull side right alright so now that you know what it roll over is
first we’re going to talk about what causes the roll over I got five things
that causes the roll over because you need to know the root of what’s
happening then we’re gonna get into how to fix all of those things so that you
will never have a roll over again okay so the first thing when I see guys
rolling over is a lack of Drive in their back leg okay that means they’re getting
here this way the reason for that is if you got a lack of Drive in your back leg
those guys are usually more rotational because they have less linear energy
when you get more rotational and you have less drive your hands tend to get
away from your body when your hands get away from your body you get long you
roll over and you get that bubble in your swing
number one was lack of the leg is driving the leg number two is lack of
the hips if you have lack of hips and lack of rotation in the hips you’re
gonna pull the bathroo these are the guys who you see that front shoulder
kind of fly out and they’re like pulling this bat through when you do that the
hands get away from the body but that gets long you get the bubble in the
swing you get that roll over weak ground balls to the pull side all the time
number three is too much hips you’ll see guys on the opposite end of the spectrum
who are like really firing those hips and then their hands get too far behind
they’re dragging too far behind and now because of that they’re trying to play
catch-up pulling that back through get it long in the swing get that roll over
again we grab also the pull side no bueno
number four the fourth cause of roll over is bad weight transfer I’ll see
guys who are here and they’re really trying to get out of front like this
with their body out barrels gonna come high in the zone hit the top of the ball
again more weak ground balls more rollovers number five the fifth cause of
the rollover is flying open and we talked about this a little bit already
but flying over when open with the front shoulder the head coming out this plate
really being aggressive this way what happens is you’re gonna lose that energy
going this way meaning if I’m running with a flag right this is what I tell my
guys and this is one of the main reasons for having Rolo’s over roll overs is the
hands get away from the body so if I got a flag pole this is a flag pole with a
flag going behind me and I’m running this way right my energy is going this
way but the flag is blowing back this way right so my energy is going here but
the flag is going that way the same thing in the swing if my Energy’s going
this way the flag now all my the rest of my Energy’s gonna fly out this way my
arms are gonna get long I’m gonna have that bubble in my swing the dreaded roll
over and again weak ground balls all day and we don’t want that so now let’s get
in to how to fix the roll over all right so I got nine things to work
on when you’re trying to fix the rollover number one is going to be to
work off of the T right the reason the T is such a great tool to
use when you’re trying to fix the rollover is because you don’t have to
worry about timing you eliminate timing from the equation and all you can focus
on is drawer mechanics you’re moving right and that’s what we want to do when
we have an issue in the swing unless it’s a timing issue but if we have an
issue in the swing like the rollover we want to focus a lot of our attention on
the T because we could really feel and pay attention to what we’re doing when
we’re swinging and the T is a great way to do that so start doing more stuff off
of the T when you have an issue like the rollover number two is to get stronger
get physically stronger because a lot of at least in the younger players they
just don’t have the strength to swing the bat that they’re swinging and
they’re getting into that bat drag position and then whipping that barrel
around and trying to get along with it or their crew they’re not strong enough
so they’re trying to create energy by pulling out right so just get stronger
start doing some push-ups um sit up if you’re older get in the gym and you’re
having this problem right you’re older and you’re having this problem getting
the gym start working out but get stronger if you’re having this issue no
matter what you know even if that isn’t the fix for you you still need to be in
the gym working hard right getting stronger just to be a better baseball
player so no matter what make sure you’re getting stronger and you’re
working off the tee to start fixing your roll over so the third way to fix the
roll over and this is for the guy who has the lack of Drive in their back leg
I talked about that was the first issue causing the roll over is to use the king
of the swing the king of the swing is a great tool to work on creating the drive
and feeling the drive it gives the hitter instant feel an audible feedback
when they’re using it it works on a spring system the player is going to
hear a click if they’re able to create enough ground force and leg drive and
they’re gonna know that they are doing it correctly so they’re gonna fix their
leg drive learn how to drive better and in return eliminate the rollover
so the fourth thing we’re gonna do to fix the rollover and this is for the guy
with the lack of hips who doesn’t really get their hips in their swing
we’re gonna do a drill where we can work on the separation in our hips right so
we’re gonna get a PVC pipe go up against the wall then all we’re gonna do is work
on our hips going forward as we start our swing but keeping our upper body
closed off so it’s a little something like this stop and separate those hips what we’re
gonna do for the guy with too much hips is we’re gonna do angle tucks right so
if this is where I’m kidding and my picture is straight ahead this way I’m
gonna have my front tosser be angled off to about 45 degrees this way he’s gonna
be behind a screen throwing me balls and if I’ve got too much hips and I’m
pulling off that pitch this way there’s no chance I’m hitting that ball so I
want to focus on staying close staying on that ball and driving the ball right
back to him I’m still setting up as if my picture is straight ahead but I’m
staying this way hitting the ball right back at where my angle tosser
is so I’m not pulling out for number six the guy who gets their weight going
forward and pulls the bat through we can do two thing first one it’s going to be
the Flamingo drill we’re going to work on hitting against a good strong front
side all we’re gonna do is swing into our front leg and stay back that’s going
to make us have a strong front side so we can work on not pulling that way too
far forward the other drill that we can do is to get our back knee to the ball
all we’re gonna do is take a good swing because what I see is when guys get
pushed forward their back leg usually extends and pushes their upper body
forward we work on getting our back knee to a ball down here we’re gonna be able
to sit back further and have a better swing in return fixing the rollover
issue that you have for number seven the guy who’s flying open with the front
shoulder and the head we’re gonna do catch and crush drill for the catching
crush drill you’re just gonna have a partner over here and you’re gonna have
a ball on the tee your partner is going to throw you a ball from over here
and you’re going to catch it and you’re going to swing with one hand you want to
stay close if this front arm and pulls out you know you’re pulling
out we’re really gonna focus on staying close shooting this ball right up the
middle while we’re doing so number eight is to be fluid right because hitting we
talk about mechanics a lot but we want to be fluid we don’t want to be too
mechanical up here especially when we’re working on trying to fix an issue within
the swing if we get start to thinking too much and doing too much and get too
mechanical we’re probably gonna cause more problems
so be an athlete be fluid don’t overthink it work on good swings and
trust yourself be confident within your swings and number nine last but not
least fixing the roll over you want to use these two tools right here this
right here is going to give you instant feedback if you roll over because you’re
gonna be pulling that bad out I’m just gonna shoot the tennis ball so your pole
size so you’re going to know exactly when you do it and when you do a good
one so that’s a great tool this is also a great tool because it’s gonna tell you
when you get away from your body the velcro is going to disconnect and you’re
gonna know it’s going to give you that instant feedback so if you have a roll
over you’re gonna want these two tools in your toolbox and in fact I sell both
of these on my website I’m gonna put them together as a bundle deal for you
guys to save you a little bit of money because I really think it’s needed for
the guys who have the roll over so be sure to check them out at the link below
thank you so much guys for watching don’t forget to check out the cage
Proteas really great tee and leave a comment down below let me know what
you’re gonna do this season to work on your roll over work on your swing to
have a better swing and have more success this season hop down there I’ll
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