How to Fly a Powered Para Glider : Choosing Large Paragliding Motor

Welcome to Expert Village. My name is Hugh
Murphy with Surf the Sky Paragliding. In this clip, we’re going to talk about how to choose
the motor that’s right for you, right in size, right in volume. And, we’re going to talk
about the anatomy of a para motor. In the anatomy of a larger motor, you’re going to
have more weight to deal with and, as you can see, a larger cage. And, with a larger
motor, motors like this, to make it easier to handle they quite often come with electric
start as this unit here does. With a simple push of a button, the propeller will start.
That gives you more time to get adjusted with your wing and have other, other details taken
care of. You’ll notice the propeller is going to be larger. This unit also comes with what’s
called a silencer muffler which is somewhat of a euphemism, but it does make the noise
a little bit lighter. And it has one of the state of the art motor units in it called
the Black Devil. And then, as I turn this around, we’ll see a slightly different configuration
in the harness setup. So, just like the other unit, this also has a wrist strap or hand
strap that keeps the control in your hand. The throttle here is slightly different but
easy access with your finger. Then, the kill switch is also easily accessed on the end.
With the electric start, the red button, actually using your other hand for. And then, as you
notice the harness on this, we also have quick release buckles for the chest and the leg
straps. A nice aspect for this unit, which is a PAP unit, is you can use your weight
shift to control in flight, so you can shift your body weight to turn your paramotor either
direction in flight which can be a very nice aspect in case your hands are busy doing something
else like i.e. a camera. So, a question comes up. How do you know which motor is right for
you? And, the best thing to do is I always like to have someone come and actually sit
in the harnesses. We have simulators where you can actually feel. You can pick up. You
can deal with the weight, the size. And, so, you want to ask your instructor based on your
goals with powered paragliding and where you’re going to be flying, the altitude you’re going
to be at. And, you really want to have an opportunity to test fly the units first rather
than buying off an online auction. You want to be able to have some hands on and actually
feel the weight and watch it start. Notice how difficult it can be to start on a, if
it’s cold out. There’s just some details that really make it relevant for you to talk to
your instructor and check them out before you buy them.

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