How to Fly a Powered Para Glider : How to Stand with Paragliding Motor

Welcome to Expert Village. My name is Hugh
Murphy with Surf the Sky Paragliding. And, now that you have the harness on, depending
on the size and weight of your unit, there’s going to be a easiest way for you to now get
to your feet. Since this Japanese unit only weighs thirty-six pounds and is one of the
lighter units, you simply bring your legs back, roll your weight forward so that you
can put your weight to your knees and your hands, and simply stand up. And, your weight
is balanced. Then, from the side view, you can see that it’s easily balanced on the shoulders.
The procedure’s basically the same for the heavier units. You would just balance better.
Make sure you have the weight balanced when you’re on all fours. And then, pushing on
one knee, just straighten up and get your balance with the weight of the motor. Then,
one very important part, once you’re standing up is don’t forget your throttle handle as
this could be stepped on or damaged or drug through some debris. Once you’re standing,
you want to go ahead and put your control in your hand and have that with you.

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