How to Fly a Powered Para Glider : Starting a Paragliding Motor

Welcome to Expert Village. My name is Hugh
Murphy with Surf the Sky Paragliding. In this clip, we’re going to talk about starting the
motor. One of the most important things for your safety when you’re starting the motor
is to make sure that it’s anchored down well so that when you pull a pull start, for instance,
the motor is not going to move. A nice way to really enhance your safety is when you
put your motor down, have it near a solid enough object that you can actually, and I
prefer motorcycle tie down straps, you can actually nail the unit really solid to some
wood or a foundation that’s not going to move. And, if I use straps on both sides, I can
hook the straps in and then nail the unit down tight on both sides so that when I hit
the pull start on this unit and I pull it I’m not going to pull the motor over, I’m
not going to pull the propeller against me. And, we’ll have the motor anchored down very
well. Now, the electric start unit can be somewhat easier since you don’t have to pull
the cord. You still want to protect your propeller by putting your motor on a board that will
protect it from any debris that comes up. And then, the important thing is how to hold
your unit so that when you start it the thrust won’t push you back. Typically, we use a knee
and then hold at a safe place so that your hand won’t slip through to where the propeller
is. You get a good grip and use your forearm. And then, start your unit.

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