How to Fly a Powered Para Glider : Starting Up a Powered Paraglider

Welcome to Expert Village. My name is Hugh
Murphy with Surf the Sky Paragliding. In this clip, we’ll talk about turning the para motor.
There are basically two ways to turn a para motor. To change your heading and to turn
with your hands in the brake handles, simply pull right to turn right. Hold it for approximately
two to three seconds until you’ve taken on your new heading. And, to turn left, simply
pull your left hand, left brake handle, down. Hold it down gently until you’ve taken on
your new heading to the left. With some of the units, there’s also a possibility of a
weight shift turn. For instance, with the smaller unit, as I’m sitting in the harness,
I can shift my weight, cross my legs over to the right. And then, as the carabiner hook
in points go slightly asymmetric, it will bank my wing gently to the right. Then, conversely
for the left weight shift turn. If I cross over to the left, bring my leg over, and my
body weight to the left, that will raise this carabiner, tilt, banking my wing angle to
the left and, therefore, a left turn.

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