How to Fly a Powered Para Glider : What Is Powered Paragliding?

Welcome to Expert Village. My name is Hugh
Murphy with Surf the Sky Paragliding. In this clip, we’re going to talk about how to get
started in powered paragliding. One of the best ways is to watch some of your friends
or neighbors who are powered paragliding pilots and ask them how they got involved. Because
you always want to start with a good school. One of the best books that you can read about
powered paragliding is ‘Running Into the Sky’ by Chris Wolf where the pilot starts out and
takes you all through from his first days and learning how to control the paraglider
to actually his flights in a powered paraglider. This is one of the best, highest recommendations
to really thoroughly know what the sport is about. And Chris Wolf talks about in his book
‘Running Into the Sky’ how important it is to find a paragliding instructor to teach
you the basics of the paraglider and that can also teach you the motorized aspect of
paragliding. Because if you’re out there in the sky and you’ve ran out of gas or had another
situation with your motor, it’s nice to know how to control a paraglider without a propeller

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