How To Fly a Powered Paraglider Trike : Flying an Ultralight Trike

CHAD BASTIAN: Hi, this is Chad Bastian, welcome
to Expert Village. We’re here to talk about the trike buggy and PPG triking with paragliders.
So, with the PPG trike, we ask “How do we get started?” It’s really good with any aircraft
not to try and teach yourself but to try and find a qualified or a certified instructor
to help you understand the dynamics of the whole process of learning how to fly. We can
pick up aircraft on eBay or anywhere very cheap, very easily and go out and try to teach
ourselves, but we’d really be kind of a fool to do so. It’s really good to get some basic
instruction. Have someone there watching you and helping you along at the beginning so
that you’re not making mistakes. In fact, the money that you spend on instruction will
often be saved on equipment or even broken body parts if you choose to go in that direction
of teaching yourself. So, getting started, we want to look for, first of all, a good
instructor. And it’s good to talk with them, to call them out, speak with them even come
visit them. See their teaching style. Spend a little time with them because it’s a relationship
you’re going to build with that instructor, and you’re going to be back and forth. You’re
going to be looking for them for guidance. They’re going to be looking to you to give
you this information and it’s their job to do so. It’s good to find someone that you
get along well with and you have good chemistry with, and also that you like the techniques
that they use and you feel like they’re giving you proper information and they’re not just
feeding you something that they don’t maybe know. So, find someone that you feel like
you can connect with.

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