How To Fly a Powered Paraglider Trike : How to Choose Paragliding Accessories

CHAD BASTIAN: Hi. This is Chad Bastian. Welcome
to Expert Village. We’re here to talk about the trike buggy and PPG triking with paragliders.
Okay. In this segment, we’re going to talk about some of the peripheral accessories,
the gear you might want as a powered paraglider pilot or a PPG trike pilot. One thing is–the
motor is–any of these motors make noise. The prop make noise as it goes around the
unit. You could get the motor totally quiet. The prop, when it’s at full RPM makes a bit
of noise and we want to protect our hearing. And these helmets allow us to protect our
ears and also communicate with other pilots via our radio. We have a little push button
talk here; we can talk to the other pilots on these helmets. So, these are good. They
protect our heads. I think there’s a lot of controversy out there as to do with helmets
and I know a lot of PPG pilots fly with no helmet. But I, again, don’t think it’s a really
good idea. I think that it’s not too much penalty to fly with it and if you ever did
hit your head, it’s a pretty big–this would protect you pretty well. Some of the other
instruments we might use would be a variometer which tells us not only when we’re going up
but how high we are and what are sink rate or our climb rate is as we’re going up and
down. One of my favorite pieces of equipment is the GPS; it tells us our ground speed,
also gives us a pretty accurate view of our altitude as well. GPS is great too if you
get out there and get lost and you need someone to find you, you can give ’em your coordinates.
Hopefully, you have a radio; either a two-meter radio or a–a lot of powered paraglider pilots
use the family band radios which are just fine. They don’t have as good of range, but
they’re pretty good. Just find one that uses–to find one that you can use that other pilots
are using. You’ll find in different areas of the country, they’ll use different things
that work really well. Gloves might be a really good thing to have when you’re flying. It’s–your
hands are always up and then blood kinda drains out of your hands. We have an accessory for
the trike buggy that allows us to steer the glider with our feet so you can actually let
go of the brakes and steer the glider in calm conditions with your feet. It’s called the
intuitive foot steering system and it’s really nice because you can bring your hands down
and use a hand warmer on a long cross country flight. It really makes the difference between
comfort and frozen hands.

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