How To Fly a Powered Paraglider Trike : Launching an Ultralight Trike

CHAD BASTIAN: Hi, this is Chad Bastian, welcome
to Expert Village. We’re here to talk about the trike buggy and PPG triking with paragliders.
Alright, so in this segment, we’re going to talk about launch and climb out. We don’t
need to lift this glider into the air during the launch sequence. The glider will gain
its speed and take right off if we have adequate power in our motor. If we’re on a rough field,
sometimes if you get up to speed, you can tap the glider and pop the wheels off the
ground and then hold it there for a minute as you climb and then easing the brakes off.
Sometimes, it’s good to kind of break the tension of the ground once you’re up to speed,
but you have to know where that speed is. So, practice on a smooth field until you can
get the feel of how fast the glider needs to be flying. It’s real critical that once
you launch, you don’t let off on the throttle. As you’re climbing, the motor’s pushing you
forward, the wing is back, and we’re climbing up. If we left off on the throttle now at
twenty or thirty feet over the ground, the motor’s going to stop pushing us forward.
We’re going to pendulum back. The glider’s going to shoot forward and we’re going to
dive ourselves right back into the ground. So, it’s real critical that during the first
five to ten seconds of lift off that we keep that throttle steady. If it’s a little too
much, we can back it off a little and climb just a little bit slower. But we left it off
all the way, we’re going to pendulum right back into the ground. It’s good to go ahead
and climb up fifty to a hundred feet, and then if we want to fly low and slow, we can
ease it off and level out and gain that throttle control that allows us to gently fly along
without surging. And if you’re not good at the throttle, I would suggest putting the
trike up against the tire of your car and gain very smooth control of the throttle on
and off, not quicken and off quick. Because a lot of throttle is going to make it shoot
out, make you shoot under the glider, letting it off is going to let the glider surge ahead,
and you’re going to have real rocky flight if you don’t master this smooth application
of the throttle.

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