How To Fly a Powered Paraglider Trike : Mounting Parachute on Ultralight Trike

CHAD BASTIAN: Hi, this is Chad Bastian, welcome
to Expert Village. We’re here to talk about the trike buggy and PPG triking with paragliders.
Alright, in this segment, we’re going to talk about reserve parachutes. What is a reserve
parachute? Basically, it’s a round parachute that you would take out of the bag and throw
if your main canopy has somehow failed or gotten tangled. Typically, we don’t have that
in powered paragliding because we fly when the air is nice, but there’s really no penalty
when you’re in a trike to carrying a little extra weight and having that option, should
you ever need it. So, it’s just is a second chance or really a last chance if you’re flying
and everything goes wrong, you’re able to throw the secondary parachute out and survive
the fall. So, a lot of powered paraglider pilots do not fly with reserve parachutes.
They’re afraid it’s going to come out of the bag and get into the propeller or they’re
going to accidentally deploy it when they’re doing something. But, really, the bottom line
is there’s no good reason not to fly with a reserve parachute. On this trike, we attached
the reserve parachute to the side of the trike where it’s easy for us to get to it. While
we’re flying if we need it, we can take this, pull this out like this, and then throw it
down and away from us to get the parachute out. We route the bridle from the parachute
up. We have Velcro that hold it here and it comes up and attaches to the same carabineers
that it would for the gliders. So, this is going to come up and attach to the same carabineers
and set us down hanging exactly the same way. When you throw that, you’d probably want to
reach up and get your B lines so that you can disable the main canopy and not have the
two fighting with each other on your way down.

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