How To Fly a Powered Paraglider Trike : Piloting an Ultralight Trike

CHAD BASTIAN: Hi, this is Chad Bastian, welcome
to Expert Village. We’re here to talk about the trike buggy and PPG triking with paragliders.
In this clip, we’re going to talk about over controlling the glider. It’s quite easy to
make a turn. Look over there, you caused the turn, you realized, “Oh, boy, I really caused
a pretty good turn. The glider dove over to the right.” So now, it’s over to the right,
I go, “Oh, I didn’t want to do that.” I pull the left brake and what I do is I swing under
the glider to the right, and now I’ve got a really strong left turn. And so, thinking
I’m way over to the left, I pulled the right hand. This is called over controlling the
glider. It’s very easy to get into an oscillation of over controlling the glider thinking that
we’re going to correct it. The correct response if you think that you’ve over controlled is
to bring both brakes up to about the head level, not all the way up and not all the
way down to minimum sync, but somewhere in the middle. Just take both hands and lock
them about at the head level and the glider after about one or two swings will level out,
and we can ease it back up to the trim position. If we over control, we’re going to continue
to exacerbate a bad situation and potentially put this glider into heavy wingovers or even
a collapse by doing so. Ease the hands up. Let the glider fly. Let it come back to normal
flight on its own. Also, if you find you’re over controlling the glider, unless you’re
right near the ground, ease the throttle off. Don’t hold full throttle. Ease it back to
at least midrange or if you can, go to idle, and let the glider settle back out and then
you can add throttle again gently to maintain your altitude if you need to.

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