How To Fly a Powered Paraglider Trike : Setting Up an Ultralight Trike

CHAD BASTIAN: Hi. This is Chad Bastian. Welcome
to Expert Village. We’re here to talk about the trike buggy and PPG triking with paragliders.
So, in this clip, we’re going to lay out the glider and prepare it for attaching to the
trike buggy. We’re going to take the wing out of the stuffed sack. We want to orient
the wing into whatever wind no matter how small, we want to make sure the wing is pointed
right into the wind. In this case, it happens to be pointing right into the sun, so it’s
pretty easy to tell that. Keep the lines out here. We don’t want to get any of these lines
through or we’ve caused ourselves knots. So, lay that out. Find the center of the wing,
put it directly downwind of the buggy, working along the leading edge. We’re going to lay
the leading edge of the glider in a nice arc from one side and the same thing on the other
side. The reason we do that is if we pull the tip, we could easily cause a cravat in
the glider; we don’t want to do that, so we start along this leading edge, laying the
glider out without any lines over. You can see a very clean leading edge here. At that point, we want to come back and just
clear each of the risers. Primarily, we’re going to clear the A lines going to the front
of the wing here and make sure they’re clean. If you have a little bit of a breeze, you
can actually use the wind to help you lay out the glider by gently inflating it, and
setting it down. It’s a perfect layout right there and we’re ready to attach the trike.

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  1. hi chad,i'm thankful that we have people like you giving free info on our beloved hobby. more power to you. fly safe

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