How to get a College Baseball Scholarship

Alright, this video may be a little misleading
and I’m going to tell you up front, but I get the question a lot about how to get a
college baseball scholarship and I think the answer for most of the guys that ask me this
question is going to be this. There are a few guys out there who need the real answer,
who are on that border line, who could do a few little things to help them get that
college scholarship but this is for the majority of you guys out there who are asking me how
to get a college baseball scholarship and the answer is very simple actually. To get
more, you have to be more. Ok? Stop worrying about how much you’re going to get. I want
to get a full scholarship. I need to get a 35% scholarship. I have to have a scholarship,
right? You can’t if you’re a baseball player you cannot worry about that. You have to worry
about becoming more as a player. To get more, you have to be more, right? So don’t worry
about getting the scholarship or how do I get a baseball scholarship, worry about how
do I become a better player, how do I become the best baseball player that I can be in
the next few months. How do I keep progressing as a player so that things will fall into
place. Because to be honest, you’ve either got it or you don’t got it, at the time. Now
you can progress and get better but there is a standard that these different divisions
of colleges are looking for and you either have that or you don’t. Like I said in the
beginning of the video, there’s a few guys who are on that border line who can do a few
things to help them get that college scholarship but most of you guys are either under that
line or you’re in that line, ok? And no matter what, no matter where you fall, you should
always be trying to become more. You should always be trying to grow as a player to get
more. Because, yeh, we all want to get more, for sure! But to get more, you have to be
more. So focus on that. Focus on being the best baseball player that you can be and all
the other things will fall into place. If you have the ability, you’re going to get
a college baseball scholarship. I promise you that, alright? As long as you have the
ability and you get the exposure, you’re going to get it, ok? So, focus on that. Focus on
being the best baseball player that you can be and then you’ll get that college baseball
scholarship. You’ll get more. If you found this video helpful, please subscribe and then
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46 thoughts on “How to get a College Baseball Scholarship

  1. I live in Dominican Republic and its very hard for us to get to the NCAA. In DR, either you get signed by a team at the age of 16, or if your too good at an older age they may give you an opportunity, but if you get released or don't make it to class A, you'll not have a backup plan or career. Do you know about any program that help Latin American players to get scholarships?

  2. John, I wanted to thank you for your advices and your videos, I found your channel last Monday and I have improved a lot since then.
    You"re a great coach and thank you for sharing your knowledge

  3. " to get more, you have to be more " . I will take that with me from this on out. I'm just going to keep pushing. Improving my mechanics, long tossing, staying in the weight room/in shape, the whole deal! Thanks ! I will always improve and not let the naysayers get to me.

  4. I think what most people are trying to ask is HOW do you get noticed? how do you get exposure so that schools see you. Especially from players outside of America.

  5. Hey John, my high school doesn't have any sports teams and I really want to get a college baseball scholarship. My dad tells me to switch to a school that has a baseball team, but this school is a privilege to be at. Please help

  6. ao you go to highschool then you get youre scholarship (if u earned it after collegue you go to single a the n double a and triple is that how it goes plz answer?

  7. Hey man! just watched your vid! So, I have all the tools in me to play at the d1 level. I can hit really well, but my only weakness is my speed (not to bad, but I need to work on it because I'm an outfielder) I got invited to a showcase that will be happening next spring, and I was wondering if that would get my name out there? And what if I do bad out there, because I can get nervous at times, especially knowing there's scouts watching me. please help me out. thanks

  8. one more question… besides the showcase, how can I start receiving letters from colleges? do I have to send them a letter first or do they send it first? thanks

  9. How can i get a scolarship if i live in europe?
    I mean, i'm one of the fastest man in my group age at my country (track and field) and i can throw big.
    So i guess i'm completing the requirements, but sadly i have no chance.
    The only team sport we can play here is soccer…..

  10. practice. hit 200-300 balls a day, field 200-300 balls a day. For pitchers; practice, stay away from girls and the doobage/hippie lettuce/diggity dank, try to talk your parents into dishing out some doe on a Tommy Johns procedure, and last but not least, for all young players who wanna make it to the big show, you've gotta watch, thumbs up, and subscribe to YouGoPro ' s channel!

  11. Ok I love baseball but I think this video needs a new title of "How to get a college athletic scholarship" this helped me realize a lot about getting scholarships and what not . Thanks!

  12. Just discovered this channel, and this video was very helpful, on my channel I have already started to post highlights

  13. Hi John, it's nate from Canada I was wondering if you had some pointers for getting recognized by a college or school in the states. As I am currently in canada it is very hard to gain any exposure. I also have an 82% I don't know what that is in GPA tho. any help would be appreciated, thanks.

  14. Following this advice I've got scholarships offers from Notre Dame , UNCP , USCSB , and Utah! Thanks for the advice!

  15. I agree sir. Baseball is tough and limited in scholarships. D1 teams get 11.7 scholarships to divide up on a 33-37 man roster. Some guys grow and develop at a younger age. Those that do might get the bigger looks early on. That is out of your control. Your daily grind and hunger for growth is in your control. Each level of baseball does increase in competition so if you can play they will find you.

  16. How do I get exposure if im from the Philippines because I want to go there in America someday to play Pro ball with my friend

    But Im not yet going to college Im still just thinking of becoming part of the MLB someday thanks in advance

  17. I needed to hear this. I am trying to make a comeback after a season and a half ending injury. I am trying to compete for a college roster spot. Knowing that it is just as mental as it is physical is fantastic. Knowing that I need to BE more is some of the advice I have been given!

  18. I wish he would say something like this instead of be yourself, maybe hit the weight room at least 4 times a week starting at 8th grade and doing long toss 3 or 4 times a week, summer team, and do travel or select also, in addition to high school , pick pitching or hitting , tuff to do both, pick football or baseball , tuff to do both, so if your pitching then pitch hard until arm gets weak and then hold off and do it all over if it’s hitting then work on hitting daily, again, do only 2 showcases a year starting at 9th grade, a perfect game showcase and the complete showcase make sure the showcase has a lot like over 50 coaches from college, this will give you feedback , start this as freshman , pick football or baseball early , you cannot do both, too tuff, make a quick 10 minute video close of you hitting and fielding and pitching, and find a college you want to go to and start emailing and conversation with college coaches early. First you need to be the best you can and then get in front of coaches directly with personal emails, forget these websites that email coaches for you. You should do it yourself personally , you really need to decide and commit like in 8th grade or 9th grade on what you want and then work at it, if your a catcher and the ball is right next to you and you make the pitcher to pick another ball you will get cut, hustle , don’t wear sunglasses as a pitcher, if your not eating right and hitting weight room 4 times a week hard then your not working at it. Be the man don’t let mom carry your baseball bag, carry yourself like a man and don’t pout.

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