How To Get A Free Autographed MLB Baseball For The Cost Of A Stamp !

Hello gang Chris cards here with a quick tutorial on how You can get an official Major League Baseball for the cost of a stamp Now not only is it an official ball, but it is autographed by the Commissioner of baseball Rob Manfred And I’m not talking about the facsimile auto that comes on all official balls It is a real signature and it’s as easy as this You’ll want to grab an envelope and a pen and put this address on the envelope Rob Manfred two for five Park Avenue Nice tall building in New York New York forty five stories. He’s on a 31st floor You don’t need to put any of that stuff down on there Just put it down exactly as I have it on the screen don’t overthink this you’ll want to write a note Requesting a ball you can pause it and see what I wrote here. It’s pretty simple little chitchat Then wham hit him with a request put that index card or piece of paper in the envelope put a stamp on the envelope. Make sure you add return address! Put it in the mail and that is done. There’s no return postage necessary. It’s as simple as you just saw me do Now this is being mailed off on may 22nd 2019, let’s see how long it takes to get a response and The answer to that is 13 days it is now June 2nd 2019 and I got this in a mail today four dollars and 81 cents to send this to me. It is a package With a round object inside I can only imagine it being one thing and one thing only Let’s rip this open here Let’s see if I’ve got my And there it is signed nicely by robert d Manford And that is your official Major League Baseball $0.50 now if I had a million subscribers, I probably wouldn’t do this video because He probably swamped with the requests and he’d probably just canned the whole idea of actually fulfilling any of those requests so thankfully, this is a small channel where you guys can kind of just hit them up and if you so, please and Get a ball yourself So there you have it guys Official major league ball signed by Rob Manfred now my goal with this baseball is to send it off to the other three previous commissioners of baseball that are still living Peter Ueberroth Bud Selig and Fay Vincent that is 34 years in counting combined total years as Commissioner of baseball On one ball. I think that’d be neat to have I’d put that in my display case Let me know in the comments down below if you guys plan on doing this or not If you think this is a pretty sweet idea You can thank me by subscribing if you haven’t already and if you are subscribed I really appreciate it like and comment on the video And of course, I want to thank Rob Manfred because this is pretty sweet Do you think Roger Goodell would send a signed football or do you think Adam Silver aka the Cryptkeeper would send a signed basketball Absolutely not But of course those two things aren’t quite as easy to mail off as baseball’s are so maybe we give them a pass on that Adam Silver does do through the mail actually In fact, do not send him an SASE because he will send it back in his own packaging. So Goodell though Good luck getting ahold of him. Anyway guys. Thanks again for watching you guys. Have a great rest of your day You

78 thoughts on “How To Get A Free Autographed MLB Baseball For The Cost Of A Stamp !

  1. This is great! I will definitely be doing this! Im a new subscriber, love the channel! Keep it up! I hope to get my first vid up real soon!

  2. Thanks for the tutorial definitely gonna have to try this out! How do they send it back with no return address?

  3. Thanks for the video! I was planning on doing this but wasn’t for sure how to do it. Definitely sending it off soon!

  4. Hey Chris. Someone on twitter told me about it like 2 weeks ago. Sent my request Monday. It is sweet tho. I also plan on visiting in July, the MLB offices and record a video. Peace ✌🏽

  5. I am going to try this! I hope he still does it. I got mine, this will look nice in the collection! Thanks!

  6. Thanks for the great tip! I mailed my note the day after you posted this video and received my signed ball on 7/15.

  7. Sending mine out tomorrow! Do you think there’s a way to get team managers to do this? It’d be cool to get a Brian snitker signature

  8. Thank you so much. I just got back from my basketball game and it came. Anyone reading this, it is not a joke. If you want a free autograph do this. Thanks Chris

  9. I did this too last year. I asked for a signed ball and business card. I received both things signed like 3 weeks later! MLB paid for the return postage which was $4.81 too! Collecting autographs ttm is a fun hobby.

  10. Do you think Commissioner Tom Clark would send me an autographed ball from his sport?
    Thanks for sharing!

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