How To GET / BUY The Hylian Shield in Breath of The Wild

What’s going on boys and girls what’s up
world Austin John plays here and today I’m going to be talking about how to get
one of the most elusive shields in the entire game the Hylian Shield oh so
glossy sadly the only way to do it is to go to Hyrule Castle now you don’t need
to be at the game don’t need if I can don’t need to do any of that the only
thing you really need to know how to do is how to defeat at Enix Hynix whatever
they’re called if you take one of those down without a problem then you got it
in the bag let’s continue right here we’re looking at Hyrule Castle and the
location that we’re going to want to go to is the moat and particularly on the
west side of the main entranceway I’m going to warp to a nearby shrine now
from this main area I’m right in front of the castles main entranceway the moat
the drawbridge all that if you have the gift that lets you fly up immediately in
there then you could do this or you can go to the left side and go up the thing
or you go to the right side up the regular thing however you want to do it
I just have this available it’s super fast so we’re going to do that great now
all you got to do is glide down over here to the bottom left area due to do
we save this little cave look and mine guy right next to this beautiful
Luminoso once you make your way inside you’re going to find a diamond and a
bomb above all take care of those bolts make your way on to the next room and
you’re going to find three of these little mini stone tile skies I think
they’re called pebbles or something adorable like that you don’t need to
find them all you need to do is jump in this minecart use stasis on it and then
make your way on through the track you’ll most likely stop halfway which
isn’t a problem if so just reinitiate the stasis hit it a few more times and
you should be good to go hop on out of this great minecart ride walk through
the what I think is the only exit out of this giant empty room
and at the end of the hallway we’re going to find another bomb over the wall
and that’s right you guessed it bomb that bomb OBO wall great now we’re going
to make a left we’re gonna make another left we’re gonna have to make a right
here the lock up you’re going to find a bomb of a wall and you could guess what
we’re gonna do with that bad boy now you can find some of the purple stuff and I
shoot the I insert of the purple stuff gets rid of the thing this guy’s going
to shoot you with water it’s going to take a quarter of a heart not a problem
yes you don’t need to fight these guys this was all faux and that modeling just
don’t find him just walk to the other way walk through this door and even if
they wanted to fight you and follow you they can’t because that slams down right
behind great this is going to be the stall mix this doleful version of the
regular guy shot a g4 this is almost literally identical you need to take an
arrow gonna shoot him in the eye he’s going to fall down we take a sword out
you do the big swing you guys okay folks hopefully if we have the camel ability
to do some lighting great now the only difference from every other one that
you’re going to face is that this guy once he’s down to almost no help
his eyes going to pop out and it’s really gross now while he’s disabled and
chillin on the floor crying like a little biatch all you need to do is hit
this thing in the eye or hit this eye in its entire self sniff if you don’t take
the eye out he’s going to climb back in the face and you need to bring it HP
down once again once you have him down to that critical marker eyes going to
fly out again for me it was just one shot left and boom it’s going to have
the most dramatic and death ever with all of his weapons stuck in all of his
body parts and this chest is going to be revealed who the little sign behind it
let’s read that test of the Royal Guard strike down the giant foe to become
recognized as a knight of the kingdom you know just call for outfit change yep
open up the chest and there you go ladies and gentlemen the Hylian Shield
with a power of 90 that’s gorgeous with the power of 90 that makes it the
most powerful shield in all of the game followed by the ancient shield and the
Royal Guard shields that both have a power of seven even the hero shield that
you get from the Wind Waker amiibo and only is a power of 65 so yes you have
the most powerful stock shield in the game now big question there’s only one
of them what do you do if it breaks well if you completed the entire side quest
for Carytown then you’re good to go all you need to do is walk up the stairs
talk to this guy over here his name is grata all you need to do is talk to
grata and then any equipment that you’ve lost or accidentally sold as far as the
climbing set of equipment the shock-resistant set of equipment and the
barbarian set of equipment also your original clothing that you woke up in
the old shirt the well-worn trousers and then lastly the Hylian Shield if you
have the Hylian Shield and you broke it you can come here and buy a new one from
him if you don’t know about tower town I’m going to sum it up in about 45
seconds once you buy a house and hit Ino village this guy over here Hudson is
going to make his way on over here come over here talk to him you’re gonna do
some a whole bunch of side quests you get a whole bunch of wood and you also
need to find some people you need to find a Goron his name is Grayson you can
find him at the southern mine right at the bottom of Death Mountain you need to
find Ronson Ronson she’s going to be at the Caracara bazaar she is a Gerudo you
need to find bison noticing in trend with all the the son named things he’s
going to be at the Rideau village he’s a widow and then lastly we need to find
captain he’s this this super old Zora he’s going to be Azeris domain he hides
underneath the staircase is a little hard to find but he’s the old red one
but he’s definitely there took me a while to find him after all those people
all the side quests involving all the gathering of wood is done then boom
carried down to zeros you have a whole bunch of shops some exclusive clothing
both not exclusive because you could buy this as a secret
than Gerudo but it’s cheaper here pass the video for another day so yeah if
your Hylian Shield breaks you come here you’re good to go
that’s it ladies and gentlemen how to get the best shield in the game
Austin John out you sure to LIKE this video and subscribe I’m going to be
giving you guys lots of helpful videos in the next following days and weeks til
next time Austin John out

100 thoughts on “How To GET / BUY The Hylian Shield in Breath of The Wild

  1. Got electrocuted and it fell so deep into a lake I couldn't retrieve it. But I didn't realize until I sifted through my shields and saw it was gone.

  2. "How to get a new Hylian sheild" Me watching this as I still can't figure out how to break it in the first place lmao

  3. Loving that Stalker Guardian on your mic!
    Have any other people suffered from typing up a really long text and pressing cancel instead of comment or another part of the text and lost it all… that’s over 20 minutes of my life that I can’t get back…
    {has existential crisis}

    I say Hinox “Highnnoxx” is that just me? I don’t say Hihhnnoxx or highnoaks
    I also say Stalnox as Staahlnox not Storlnox (Maybe Stall – Nox sometimes)
    They aren’t pebbles they’re Pebblits, these in particular are of the frost variation.
    Just as the difference between Boko’s and a Stalko’s is that they are nocturnal and inactive during the day, Stalnoxes are usually no exception, but there is of course the one in the cavern below the castle.
    Thanks a bunch for clearing up where the Gerudo and others were for Hudson’s sq because that’s been bothering me for too long now… I must have defeated Ganon like 6 to 7 times since I started it and never found the Gerudo

    I’m not saying this just to be a pain or a troll but it’s my way of saying I’m interested in the video and paying close enough attention to reply properly… That make sense? Sorry if I offend you I didn’t mean to I’m it isn’t my intention! Also correct me if I get something wrong and tell me to stop talking whenever

    I clearly talk too much…

  4. Before I watched this I started to cry because my hylian shield broke but after watching this I was full of hope thanks so much

  5. Let's get a focus group together, sit down and talk about this Run DMC t-shirt and how FIRE it is!!! I need this in my life effective immediately.

  6. Imagine getting it with your mastersword and you go to fight some guardians and you use it to parry a blast and it breaks instantly.

  7. Quick Legend of Zelda breath of the wild fact the little things little Stone Pebble things are called pibblits and according to Masterworks a book made by the creators of this game pibblits are baby (not fully formed) stone, ingneo, or frost talus's

  8. Here you go son it’s a shield that has been passed down for generations and will never bre- shield breaks
    Oh it’s ok we can just buy another one for 3k rupees and say we have passed it down for generations

  9. People who have full inventory hylian shield and 999 ancient arrows with ancient bow and full set of ancient armor is most likely called god

  10. 2 years later…
    I have the hylian shield still from my first time acquiring it it has not broken yet but whenever I go to grante he does not have it in his stock what should I do

  11. I know it’s free roam, but technically you don’t get the shield until late game / final boss (assuming you want to play in some kind of order)

  12. 1:38 you know you don’t have to use stasis on the cart to make it move right? You can just place a bomb in the little slot and explode it and it will move.

  13. So im barely scratch the game's surface and have like 5 hearts, none of divine beasts are defeated. Is it a good idea to get this shield?

  14. With the Minecraft you put round bombs in that sphere spot on the cart and then blow them up and doing that won’t hurt you

  15. Ganon: alright stalnox you go and guard that hylian shield in the basement so link doesn’t get it
    Stalnox:yes sir
    Random guy in tarrey town: anybody want a hylian shield?!

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