How to Get MORE Done in LESS Time

– The point of working isn’t to be busy. It’s not just to fill
your time with things. The point of work is to
accomplish things, and I’m betting that with whatever type of work you do, you have things that
you want to accomplish. Maybe you run your own
business and you started it for some specific reasons. Like you wanted to have more flexibility. You wanted to be your own boss, you wanted to have more time
to spend with your family and to be in control of your own schedule. My question for you though is, is your business really
doing that for you? Is your business giving you
more flexibility, more control, or is it taking those
things away from you? Is your business giving you the lifestyle that you really want or is it
consuming your entire life? As I’ve built my own business, there’ve been times when
I was really frustrated with how long some things took, that I felt like I had to do. It seemed like I could never
get to the end of my to do list because every single thing
on it took me so long. Well in today’s video, I’m going to be sharing with
you some ways that you can get the most out of every hour
that you spend working. So that you can grow your
business and reach your goals as quickly and easily as
possible with as little time invested as possible. If you want to get more done in less time, then the first step on process is Clarity. You need to know exactly what
you’re trying to achieve. Now, of course, most of us
think that we know what we’re trying to do or else we
wouldn’t be doing it at all. But oftentimes we get
caught up in the process and we focus on things that
are a little bit too small and specific instead of the big picture of what we’re really trying to do. So for example, as I am
trying to build my business, I can get caught up in a
specific marketing campaign or creating a specific product
and lose focus on the bigger picture thing that I’m
really trying to accomplish with my business, which is to provide a good
income for my family and to give myself that lifestyle that I really want. You have to get clear on your focus. Now beyond that type of clarity, once you know what
you’re trying to achieve and always coming back to that,
always reminding yourself. Then there’s the type of
clarity of actually knowing what you’re working on right now. Now it’s important that this
comes second because your projects won’t help you get to
those goals if you don’t know what the goals are. But once you’re able to do this second, then getting clear on the actual projects is really important. It’s so easy to get
caught up in busy work, to just be checking your
emails or making lists or planning all day when in
reality you really need to get some specific things done. And that leads me right into
the second part of the process, which is Strategy. You know what you want and
you need to create a plan for how you’re going to get it. What are you actually going
to do to reach that goal? Because it doesn’t matter
how much you want it or even how clear you are on what it is. You don’t have strategy for
how you’re going to reach it, then you will most likely waste
your time on a lot of things that won’t actually move you forward. Once you’ve created a general
strategy and you have an idea for maybe a lot of things
that you can and do you think should do in order to
reach that desired aim, then you need to get clarity on what your prime mover is. The prime mover in your plan is the thing that more than anything else
is going to move you forward towards that goal. So, for example, with running my business, one of my biggest goals is to actually spend time with my family. And so one of my prime movers
is actually to stop working after I’ve worked for 20 hours each week. If I don’t do that, then
I can’t achieve that goal. Now, one of my other goals
for my business is to increase our profits and to make
more money every month. And so in order to do that, I really need to focus in on
what we’re doing to market the business because that
is the thing that the more I do that and the more
effectively I do that, the more money we make. Because that is the thing
that the more I do it and the better I do it, the more sales we make and
therefore the more money we make. And then within the category of marketing, there are of course specific
tasks that I need to do that also have the biggest impact. So for this step of the process, you need to look at that
plan that you create. Look at your strategy
and circle the things that are the prime movers. There shouldn’t be very many of them. In fact, I would say that
for every goal you have for this work that you’re doing, you should really only
have one prime mover. And then part two of
this part of the process, is to cross out other things
that are the least important that would just eat up your
time and really take you away from that prime mover. Because think about it, for every minute or
every hour that you spend on something else, you’re
going to not spend that time on the thing that could be
having the biggest impact. And this is really one of
the most important parts of this process because if we’re
trying to get the most done in the least amount of time, we have to eliminate the things
that are eating up our time. Otherwise, even if you use
the other parts of the process to get more done, you won’t
be doing it in less time. You have to cut things out if
you want to spend less time on your work. The fourth step of the process is Flow. So what is Flow State? – [Announcer] In positive psychology, a flow state also known
colloquially as being in the zone, is the mental state of
operation in which a person performing an activity is
fully immersed in a feeling of energized, focused, full
involvement and enjoyment in the process of the activity. – So basically flow state
is when you get really in the zone, you’re really into your work, you’re not being distracted
by anything else. You’re being insanely productive and you’re really enjoying it. When you’re in a state of
flow, you’re more productive, so you’re able to get
more done for every minute that you’re working, but you’re also able to work
longer because you’re not distracted and because you’re
enjoying what you’re doing. So if you want to get more
done in less time and if you want to get more done overall, it’s really important that
you figure out how to get into one of these flow states. Now you’ve probably experienced
a flow state before. It can happen while you’re
doing just about anything. You might be in a flow state
while you’re doing your work or while you’re reading a
book or while you’re doing the dishes or while you’re on a walk. It’s where you just get
completely immersed in what you’re doing so you forget about the flow of time and you just focus on
the flow of your work. Now different people find
that different things get them into a state of flow and
there could be an entire video on a flow state or even multiple videos. But I’m just gonna touch here
real quickly on a few things that most people find helpful
to getting into a flow state. The first one is something
we’ve already talked about and that is having purpose or clarity about what you’re doing. If you don’t know why you’re
doing what you’re doing or what exactly you’re doing, you’re going to find it difficult to get into a state of flow. Second is challenge. Most people find their
work the most interesting. when there is an element of challenge. They’re not doing
something that is too easy or too mindless. Now, I mentioned earlier
that you could get into a flow state when
you’re doing the dishes or going on a walk. But chances are, it’s not
that you are so engrossed in doing the dishes that
you get into the flow state but rather that you get
lost in your own thoughts, so your thoughts are interesting you. You’re thinking about
something that is interesting or challenging and that is why
you get into the flow state with the manual work that you’re doing. The next step is really
important if you’re trying to get into a flow state, although you might accidentally
get into flow state without doing this, and that
is to eliminate distractions. Now, the reason why you need to make sure that you do this, you’re
trying to get into flow state is because if you start
to get into a flow state and then something distracts you, it’s gonna immediately bump
you out of that flow state. It’s kind of like if you’re
trying to fall asleep and then something wakes you up, it makes it harder to get back to sleep. So if you are trying
to get into flow state, you need to make sure that
you put your phone on silent, that you really focus on the
one thing that you’re doing because those distractions
will pull you out of the flow state. Once you get into the flow state, you can sometimes ignore
those distractions cause you’re so focused
on what you’re doing. But it can be a good idea
to have your phone on silent and have eliminated those other
distractions ahead of time, because a big distraction
will still pull you out and it can be hard to get
back into the flow state. And the last thing I’ll
mention right now that you can do to get into a flow state
is to work on your schedule. Now this is a very different
from one person to the next. What will work for one person
won’t work for another. Basically what I mean here is two fold. One part is when do you work the best? Some people find it easiest
to get into a flow state first thing in the morning. They get out of bed, they
immediately jump into their work and they are able to
completely focus on their work and really get into it very deeply. On the other hand, some
people need a lot of time in the morning to warm up and
it is a late at night when they are able to get into a flow state. They really get focused on their work. They have a lot of creative energy and that’s what works the best for them. So that’s the first part. Figuring out when you work the best, when it’s easiest for you
to get into a flow state. The second part of schedule
is how long your flow state sessions typically are when
they’re the most productive. Some people do really well
with getting into very short spurts of flow state. So what I mean by that is
they decide to focus on a task for just a few minutes or at
most, perhaps a 30-minutes. For people like this using
the Pomodoro technique, which involves setting a timer
for 25 minute increments, working with extreme focus for that period and then taking a five minute
break and then repeating, works really, really well. Now, on the other hand,
some other people find this to be completely disruptive. It would be the worst thing
possible for them to interrupt their flow state at that 25 minute mark. It might be a little bit more
difficult for these people to get into the flow state, but once they get in,
they can work for hours. If this sounds like you,
then you need to make sure that you do everything else
you can to get yourself into the flow state as easily, but then work for as long as possible. And that leads us right into
the fifth step of the process, which is in fact schedule. Regardless of whether or not
you’re trying to specifically get into a flow state, finding the times that
you’ve worked the best and allowing yourself plenty of time for each of these sessions is imperative, if you want to get the most done in the least amount of time. When I first had kids and I
was trying to run my business and be a mom at the same time, I thought, well you know
my kid’s happily playing there on the floor so I can
just sit here on the couch and get some work done
while they’re playing. But the problem with that was that for me, I do not do well with very
short work sessions often. And so the fact that I was
trying to work for a few minutes and then I would be distracted by the baby and back and forth and back and forth, meant that my work took
absolutely forever. Work that I could have gotten
done in four or five hours, lasted all day from the
time when I first got up until when I went to bed. It was exhausting and very inefficient. I later realized that getting in those four or five dedicated hours, even if it meant waking
up a couple hours earlier and working until my child woke up, and then working a little
bit after they went to bed, was far more productive. It meant that I got to spend
the entire day with them without being distracted by my work. So I was able to actually be fully present while getting just as much done. The very final step of
this process is simply to Rinse and Repeat. Now you don’t necessarily need
to repeat all of these steps in sequential order, but the main thing I want you to focus on repeating over and over
again is coming back to clarity. You need to constantly remind
yourself what you’re really trying to achieve and why? And then after that move on to strategy, how am I going to reach that goal? Because if we don’t continually
come back to those things, then we can find ourselves
becoming distracted by all sorts of busy work that will eat up our time and diminish our results. Okay, so that brings us to
pretty much the end of this video on how to get more done in less time, but I wanna let you know
that next week my Podcast is going to launch and I
think that if you enjoyed this video, you’ll
really enjoy the Podcast. Because in this video
I explained what to do in order to get more done in less time. But the Podcast is gonna be a deep dive on how to do that in real life every day, especially for entrepreneurs
and online business owners. I’m gonna be showing you
the behind the scenes of how I run my business
in just 20 hours a week and I’m also gonna be giving
you a monthly income reports so that you can see how
the work that I’m doing is impacting my business. How it’s actually translating
into dollars earned. It’s gonna be super
practical and super hands on. And I know that if you are
a business owner yourself, you’ll find it incredibly helpful. I’m also gonna be bringing
on all sorts of awesome guest experts who will share
their own experience and strategies with
working less and producing the biggest results possible. Like I said, the Podcast
is launching next week on Monday, January 27th. So be sure to look it up in your favorite podcasting app on that day. And also I’ll be of course releasing a video here on YouTube, to give you all the details
about exactly where you can find it and what to expect. If you want to make sure that
you don’t miss that video and all the other videos
that come out on my channel here on YouTube, then make sure
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the bell so that you get a notification with each
new video that comes out. That’s all for now, but I hope
you’re having an amazing week and I’ll see you again next time. And so that’s where we’ll add that graphic that says prime mover,
maybe like over the entire frame or something. – [Announcer] I picture Optimus Prime, and it’s moving. – Yeah, you can just move
Optimus Prime across the screen “Engrossed in doing the dishes.” does not sound very good. I
feel like I’m really grossed out about doing the dishes. “I’m completely engrossed
in these dishes.” (upbeat music)

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