How To Get Out of SLUMPS ๐Ÿ’- Hockey Mindset

– Hey hockey players. Welcome once again to the Coach’s Corner. Today, I wanna talk about
getting out of ruts. A lot of us find ourself in ruts. We might be psychologically
unmotivated right now. We might have a plateau in our fat loss. We might have a plateau in our muscle gaining or strength development. We might have a plateau in our ability to perform out on the
ice, we just can’t seem to be putting it together anymore. Something about getting out of ruts that you need to understand right now is that it is not you
and it is not your fault. If you are in a rut, the very
fact that you are in a rut means that you have
achieved something before. You have already seen success,
you have already been there, or else you wouldn’t know
what a rut felt like. You can’t be low if you
haven’t already been very high. This means that you are
capable of being successful. You are capable of making it happen. Right now, you’re just in a lull. It’s very important for you to not tie your identity to that lull. I’ve had clients and athletes before who have come to me
because they are in a rut and they can’t simply get out of it. They’re saying things to themselves, their self-talk has become
a very defeating technique. They’re saying things like “I’m weak now, “I’ve gotten fat, I’m no longer mobile. “I used to be fast out on the ice. “I used to be able to go three periods “but now I just can’t
seem to do it anymore.” When you start tying your
identity to the rut that you’re in that is when it officially becomes a rut. That is when something needs to change in order for you to get out of it and start making progress again. Wanna know what it almost always is? It’s people over-complicating the process. In almost all cases,
people can’t ride the wave. That’s something that I like to say to my clients when
something is working, okay? I am a huge believer in,
if something isn’t broken, don’t fix it. I have had so many clients in the past who have come to me and they’ve
got a meal plan designed, training program designed,
they’re faster on the ice, they’re bigger, they’re stronger, they’re better conditioned, they’re leaner, everything’s working. And they ended up leaving me
because everything was working. They were doing great all by themselves so they ended up leaving me. And then maybe a year
later, they come back to me, and they’re not who they
were when they left me. Why is that? Because they overanalyze the process. They’ve overanalyzed, looked
at different strategies, looked at all these different things, starting out-sourcing all these new supplements, training, and meal plan. If you overanalyze and you’re breaking what’s already working, then you’re breaking what’s already working. In almost all cases, getting out of ruts means simplifying and going back to what was already working for you. If you’re in a rut, you
were successful in the past. Let me remind you, you can
make this thing happen. The fact that you’re in a rut, more often that not, represents that you’ve over-complicated the process and almost always means that
you need to take time off and reinvigorate your
passion for why it is that you love what you’re doing. This can happen to
people, they love hockey, they love coaching, they love playing, they love working with people, but then as they achieve
a certain level of success other things start to come along with it and they overanalyze the process and then they believe that hockey itself or training itself is
tied to these other things but it’s not true. If you take some time off
and you allow yourself seven to ten days of just
de-loading, time off, relax. Get back to the roots of
what already worked for you. Get back to the roots of what you fixed that wasn’t broken. And get back to the roots of
your passion and love for this. That is what’s ultimately
gonna get you out of the rut. I couldn’t recommend anymore
just some brief time off because it reinvigorates you physically and it reinvigorates you psychologically and it reinvigorates you emotionally so that you can tie your
character back to the person of success and not tie your
character back to the person of negative self-talk and
negative self-sabotage. That’s not you, you’ve
been successful before. Take some time off, get that passion back, and get yourself out of this rut.

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  1. This really helped me! I had the best game (3 goals, 2 assists) and after that I just wasn't like I used to. After watching this video it helped me get out of my slump!

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