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– What’s up guys! It’s Coach Justin from
Ultimate Baseball Training. Today’s video is for you infielders we’re gonna be
talking about how to get your throws off quicker in the infield. This is really
gonna open up your game for you it’s gonna help you maximize your infield
range and I really think the tips that we’re gonna talk about in today’s video
are gonna help you take your game to the next level so without further ado, let’s
jump into it! Alright, so the first thing that’s really gonna help you get your
throws off quicker is setting up the play with your footwork and here’s what
I mean by that. I mean on any particular ground ball getting your body by using
your feet getting your body in a position that you can maintain your
momentum and be smooth and field the ball with ideally you know on a regular
ground ball right left catch and right left throw footwork with no wasted steps
but it’s really just about using your feet to get you into a position to make
a good throw without any anything extra any glove pats any additional stutter
steps or anything like that okay. So if you’ve been playing baseball if you’ve
been an infielder for any length of time we’ve talked about this on the channel
before a ground ball hit directly at me too short obviously the worst thing I
can do is run directly up to the base ball and stop here and be flat-footed
and then field the ground ball and I have no momentum going towards my target so
when you can you can’t do it on every single ground ball but when you can it’s
important to get around the baseball just ever so slightly so that when I
come through it I can go right left catch and I can go right into my right
left and throw but really that’s what it’s about you see on double play feeds
you know why do shortstops sometimes why do they field the ball and open up
this foot here like this they’re using the footwork to set themselves up for
success on that particular play so just remember I think as infielders we spend
so much time focusing on our hands soft hands and our arm strength and stuff
like that don’t neglect your feet because your footwork can really set you
up for success and your feet can help you or hinder you from getting your
throws off quicker. Another thing that’s really gonna help you get your throws
off quicker is keeping your throwing hand close to your glove alright because
this is literally gonna help you get the ball out of your glove quicker because
if I go into my footwork here ground balls hit my way right
then I go down the field this ground ball if my hand is right here that has a
my hand has a shorter distance to go right for me to pick that ball out of my
glove as opposed to if my hands over here or if it’s up like this right
that’s a longer distance my hand both my hands have to travel a longer ways
what’s quicker right this right here or obviously this right here is going to be
slower so that’s one reason why you want to keep that hand close by but another
reason is let’s say the ball takes a bad hop so I go down right left boom I’m
here like this if this hand is close by and I see that ball takes a bad hop I
can almost use this hand to deflect the ball knock it down and still make a play
but if it’s over here like this or if it’s here I mean at that point I’m gonna
have a hard time using this hand to knock the ball down so it’s a great
supporting hand if you keep it close by and it’s also going to help you get the
ball out of your glove quicker which is going to help you get your throws off
quicker too the next thing I want to remind you
about is the importance of gathering yourself right before you can get your
throw off we’re talking about how to get your throws off quicker right before you
can get your throws off you first have to secure the baseball so you have to
gather yourself a lot of the times I see infielders who they rush things and when
they field the ground ball instead of fielding it and almost sucking it in
right and securing the baseball first they’re trying to get too fancy they’re
trying to do too much at once and go too fast and so what ends up happening is
they filled the ball and they don’t really secure the baseball so it’s
moving all over in their glove and then they have to pull maybe two of these
right and obviously that baserunners earned enough the line the more pass
that you do the more false steps that you do the higher the likelihood of he’s
going to be safe you’re not going to be able to get the runner then you’re gonna
have to rush your throw that’s gonna lead to bad throws right so it’s very
important to secure the baseball and gather yourself first so it’s got to be
right left you filled the baseball out in front right but when you filled the
ball you don’t want to keep the baseball out here away from your body all right
when the baseball is out here away from my body I don’t have it secured there
I’m not strong there right same reason why when you’re doing a arm wrestling
competition right why do you not have your hand away from your body because
you’re not strong you pull that hand as close to your body as you possibly can
that’s where you’re strong that’s where you’re secure you need to do the same
thing with ground balls okay so don’t keep the base ball out away from your
body you don’t have any control there okay so feel the ball that’s step one
before you can get your throw off don’t rush feel the baseball you’ve got
to feel that first right left you have to field it you have to almost suck it
up think of like being a vacuum suck it up secure the baseball gather yourself
in here like this then you can go into your right left footwork and you don’t
have to worry about padding a million times or having stutter steps once you
secure the baseball first and that’s step one before anything else your most
important job you have to secure the baseball take care of it and the last
tip I’ll leave you with in today’s video is try your best to be as smooth and as
fluid as you can possibly be and try this the next time you’re feeling ground
balls at practice or you’re you know showing up before practice to get extra
work in or after practice you’re getting 50 or a hundred round balls hit your way
right this particular rep this particular
ground ball try your best to be smoother and more fluid than the previous ground
ball so even if the last time you had great footwork you feel that it cleanly
no bobbles you made a good throw right tell yourself alright this time I got to
be smoother I got to iron things out I got to be more smooth more fluid and if
you consciously work on that instead of just going through the motions in
practice you work on every single rep I have to be smoother you’re gonna notice
that the smoother you are with your footwork the smoother you are with your
glove work the smoother with you are with your footwork after you actually
secure the baseball the quicker you’re gonna be able to get your throws off
right because you’re a well-oiled machine you’re very you’re moving and
working really really efficiently at that point so that’s the little practice
tip for you just think about all right this ground ball I have to make it
smoother right avoid the choppiness try to be as fluid as you possibly can
so hopefully this video has helped you out if it has hit that like button for
me I’d really appreciate that oh and last thing we all know that being an
infielder that’s just one side of the game right you also have to bring it at
the plate you have to be a good hitter right and so I want you to watch the
three demand hitting training that I put
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watch that right now thank you for watching today’s video and I’ll see you
next time

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