How to Grip Your Racket Properly | Badminton Lessons

The next topic of discussion is how to hold
your badminton racket. For the forehand you want to pretend that
the racket is somebody else’s hand and you’re shaking their hand. So you’re going to do this, this is your basic
badminton forehand grip. While you’re on the topic of the forehand
grip I guess I’m going to show you how to do a basic forehand clear swing. So you go like this and it’s important to
notice that it’s a rotation of the elbow and not a wrist shot. You can actually damage your wrist if you
do this too hard. The next basic grip is your backhand grip
in which you start off with your forehand grip and you tilt the racket maybe about half
an inch to the right and the basic backhand clear looks something like this. Again, it’s a rotation of the elbow and not
a wrist flick. And that’s how to properly hold your badminton

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