How to have ULTIMATE CONFIDENCE at the Plate! – Baseball Batting Tips [Office Hours w Madden Ep.103]

Office Hours with Coach Madden Episode 103. What’s up guys? Today we’re talking about how to have the
ultimate confidence when you get up to the plate and there’s no real secret trick to
this. It’s one thing…one thing you’ve really got
to do to make it happen. Here’s the question. Hey Coach, how do I be more confident at the
plate? Thank you so much for the question. That’s a great question. But stop using your phone in school man. You’re going to get that thing taken away. What’s a matter with you? Anyway, thank you again for the question. Great question because you have to have confidence
when you go to hit. You have to. If you don’t believe you’re going to win the
battle when you’re up there, then why are you even up there? Why are we competitive athletes? If you don’t want to win, don’t play baseball,
don’t play sports. You’ve got to be competitive, you’ve got to
believe, you’ve got to have the confidence that you can do what you’re trying to do when
you’re up there. If you want to have the success. So, there’s one main thing that you have to
do, or at least what I have found worked for me, and that is to have positive self talk
and that’s just in your head. So when you’re…let me give you two examples. One example would be “Oh man this dude is
throwing gas. I don’t know I’m 0-3 already this game. I’m probably not going to get a hit.” You’ve already messed yourself up in your
head. You’re probably not going to get a hit that
time but if you have the mindset of “Alright, here we go! I’m bout to crush this dude! I know he’s throwing gas, I’m gonna speed
the bat up, and I’m gonna crush it! Knock one to the fence or get a base hit”
or whatever. But you’re always telling yourself you can
do it. No matter what it’s always positive self talk
in your head. This is not out loud. You can just talk to yourself. Your thoughts is what you want to have, the
positive self talk. So if you can do that constantly, you can
actually trick your body. Your body doesn’t know whether you’re telling
the truth or not. It just knows if you repeat that positive
self talk over and over again it’s going to say, “you know what, I can do this, I can
do this”. So you’re going to go up to the plate with
a lot more confidence and because of that you’re going to have a lot more success. Great question. Thank you so much for the question. Stop using your phone in school. I’m sure you’re not supposed to be doing that. But thank you for the question anyway. Hit this button right here, my logo to subscribe
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19 thoughts on “How to have ULTIMATE CONFIDENCE at the Plate! – Baseball Batting Tips [Office Hours w Madden Ep.103]

  1. hey you go pro… can you make a video of how to make your curveball curve more because my son is throwing a curve ball but it curves only a little… I don't know how can I help him please…

  2. I've been doing this since the beginning of my season and I ended with a .517 batting average it honestly really works just say I'm gonna smack this ball every time

  3. hey yougopro thank you a lot on those hitting drills i hit my first 320 foot homerun trying to get to the majors thanks💪

  4. Hey coach, whether its a comebacker to the mound or im just fielding a ground ball at shortstop, i always mess up the throw even when its incredibly simple. But it never happens in practice. What should I be thinking when i field a ground and need to make a throw to first.

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  6. Thank you so much this will really help me, I’m in a slump of 0-6 now that you told me this I know I can get out of it

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