How to Hit a Baseball : Hitting an Outside Pitch in Baseball

Now what we’re going to talk about is hitting
the outside pitch. Essentially as I told you we’ve broken the plate up into three different
sections. The inside section, the middle section, and the outside section. So obviously it’s
going to be reversed if you’re left handed. You know this would be inside, this would
be outside but these are essentially the three sections that you want to break the plate
up into and this is how you want to determine what kind of swing you’re going to take. As
I’ve talked about, you cannot move your feet in the middle of the pitch in order to make
contact. What you want to do is just simply adjust your swing, adjust where you want to
make contact. So, I will keep the thirds in here so you can see what I’m talking about.
Outside pitch, would be about right there as you can see the ball is coming down, boom
right there. You want to hit a little bit farther back. With the inside pitch you wanted
to hit a little bit in front of your front foot. Now with the outside pitch you want
to hit it a little bit in front of your back foot. So what you’re going to do, instead
of trying to make contact out here, you’re going to make contact back here. So it’s boom,
making contact with the ball right there, so I can still keep it in play. If I drag
and I lag a little bit and I make contact like this. What?s it going to do? It’s going
to be a foul ball. If I decide to jump the gun and I try to make contact out here I’m
going to make contact just on the end of the bat right there, again a little weak grounder.
You’re not going to have a whole lot behind it. So, boom, right there, let it get deep
making contact, notice in front of your foot, hard line drive to the right side. That’s
hitting the outside pitch.

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  1. i play highschool ball and i am not a single field hitter, i spray the ball all over the place. I really dont worry too much about letting the ball get deep in the zone, i just focus on keeping my hands back and waiting and driving the ball the other way

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