How to hit and throw – Baseball “Off-Season” Core Workouts & Drills

first were going work to strengthen your lower half
specifically your hips what Im going to have you do is step out a little bit so theres a little tension on
that band bands 45 degrees behind your hip at hip height let’s pretend you got a
dot on the front of that back hip and all I want you to do slowly as I want you to take a
step with your left foot towards the pitcher I want you turn that dot to the pitcher and hold repeat that ten times slowing make sure you get that dot all the way to the pitcher and hold we are working on the muscles in the lower half
specifically around the hips and the pelvis to get you strong enough to get
your hands all the way through to the pitcher that’s going to help generate
more torque more body speed bat speed to hit the baseball ball harder Now on this rep i just want you to stand there and hold it in
this case will work on just static stability your ability to hold a
balanced position right now just sitting as youre sitting doing this oftentimes it’s pretty
typical for athletes to just start shaking like a simple shaking going on
here thats good those are muscles trying to kick on and learn how to do this motion do that that again turn the dot and hold on let’s hold it a good 3 to 5 counts we are
working on the balance muscles in the swing ive done stuff like this this stuff with like this before
but the medicine ball you know where you stand with the wall here and turn the
medicine ball repeatedly on the wall so how does this compare to doing that kind of exercise it really
comes down to sequence so many times with a medicine ball most of all guys are using their arms
chest and shoulders they are throwing that first and the hips are actually following in the
sequence of hitting a baseball and throwing a baseball we really want the lower half to step and hip
to turn first and our shoulders and hands to come through last
right so in this case will strengthen those muscles and really strengthening
the sequence so just go through the same thing but we’re gonna add some speed this
time take a little step with the front foot drive that dot to the pitcher there you go and hold instead of doing ten slow reps we are going to do five fast reps to really work on bat speed hold that finish and balance position fast as you can go when I do my normal core conditioning exercises like planks and crunches that focuses right here right so is this different does this complement that kind of
stuff should i do this stuff instead of it that’s a good question let me give you a visual answer that so unhook and get down into a plank elbows and toes a planks are good exercises they are good general fitness exercise reality is
right now working on your hips core muscles back muscles depending on how you do your plank even shoulders now it’s a good exercise its
foundational exercise to teacher your spine and hips and pelvis not to move, stand back up for me, pretend you have a bat in your hand slow motion
take a swing here comes the pitch right if im either hitting or throwing guess what happens
the body has to learn to rotate if all i do is a plank or standard core exercises like that
great just to build a great for static strength where im not turning it into a
rotational movement we’ve got to learn to turn to a train the body to do that so should I just be doing my my normal hitting side since im a right handed hitter her or should I incorporate both if you are in
the middle of the season we would just get down to nuts and bolts of a
right-handed hitter we’re going to work on resisted right handed hits with the hip trainer baseball bat offseason programs
and now is the time I got to get your hips your spine your scapula back in symmetry we need to be even, so in this case lets hook to the opposite hip resistance on the band and behind her
hips 45 degrees behind the left side and slowly now you have a dot over your left hip pitcher is over here
and I’ll slowly just turn hold that position it’s going to be a little
awkward but it’s important that we get those muscles around the hips and pelvis to go the opposite direction lets do ten reps slow get that hip turned a little bit more just like we’re doing the opposite
direction lets hold it three to five counts program now we are a few weeks down the road we’ve got three
four five weeks of basic strength in our hips and pelvis and our lower half so lets convert that
into a little bit more speeds so no bat in your hand we are working on the speed of your lower half in your hip turn and hip rotation so instead of having a red and
orange band on their llets take the red off leave the orange on step out to your 45 adequately warmed up here and now we’re gonna work on 5 reps with speed we’re still working on speed we had the orange band on initially orange to red still five reps as fast as you can go a lot of
people talk about the thoracic spine or t spine right to keep it simple and call it shoulder turn or hip and shoulder separation we’re gonna do is first loo k and see
what kind of shoulder turn you have we’re looking for evenness or symmetry
put the ball between your legs doesn’t matter what ball just put it in there so
squeeze with your thighs you’re sitting up tall basically by squeezing on that we are locking the pelvis
we’re really just want to see what kind of shoulder turn you have. cross your arms and just
slowly turn to the right and left importance to you know that we have that
evenness it’s off season so we are going to work on that so you stay here ok we’re going to use a band in your case we are going to use an orange band hook it to the torso
harness underneath your left arm gonna just use the band to assist our turn
to open up our spine a little bit all you are gonna do is rotate over towards me when
you get to the end and take a deep breath and exhale it out and youre going to turn a little bit not gonna force are going to repeat it in through your nose exhale turn nice one more time in through your nose exhale turn back to starting position
looking straight ahead turn back ov er to your right to your range in exhale turn hip and torso trainer work on strengthening your turn from right to left these are really the core muscles that
actually turn your shoulders hips go through they connect to your ribcage
turns through its gonna make you stronger its going to let you hit the ball harder these
are the core muscles we really gotta strengthen done some basic strength through a few
weeks down the road now and start working on core or shoulder turn with some speed to it alright hook to left Under Arm the torso trainer exercise ball still between thighs warmed up
well we got a good strength base we if we have any pain any problems we are going to
shut this down cross your arms and what I want you to do initially it’s just kind
of slowly load back like your loading your swing turn right shoulder directly fast and hold three
to five counts turn your shoulders straight ahead with speed slowly load back and drive that got no problems so do five reps with more speed drive those legs legs no motion on the ball on
your lower body relax for just a second the next phase of this then is instead of coming
slow back add a little more speed coming back faster you come back more power and be able to
generate going the other direction let’s go 50% speed on this first one so
you turn your shoulders back a little faster drive shoulders through and hold
turned back and trying to put 75 percent speed be turning back and then through faster
if you’re good one more relax advanced exercise we’re going to work on building for
your muscles of your shoulders to turn and the muscles of your hips to turn we are going to teach them not to turn cool exercise. hook this to hip trainer. really cool exercise let’s put this to
your trainer we’re going red for you left hip hear what I want to do is switch hitter
but I don’t want you to allow your left we are going to work on the strength and stability of hips and pelvis shoulders back turn under control breathe stand tall that band turns pelvis. You have to turn on muscle around hips and pelvis to not let it turn. This works on hip and shoulder separation I feel unbelievably loose before my back was tight everything feels loose hips fire through great drill for hitters and pitchers for symmetry

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