How To Hold a Table Tennis Bat

okay now we’re just going to demonstrate
the shake hand grip to hold the bat with the shake hand bat you put your
pointer finger down one side of the bat and your thumb down the other Now you might ask why do you need your pointer finger down there
why can’t you just hold it like this like you do in a lot of other racket sports? Well the key thing here is that by having your finger there
it allows you to determine quite easily what angle your bats on and also when you start playing more advanced
strokes it really helps you a lot there too Another important thing when holding the bat is not to
hold it too tightly don’t really grip it tightly just hold it so it’s quite loose so you can just pull it out of your hand like that That helps with making sure your whole arm doesn’t get too tight and tense and it helps you stay relaxed during your strokes The other main grip is called the pen hold grip. With the pen hold grip you have your thumb and pointer finger circling the handle, like your holding a pen the other side of your bat you can have your 3 fingers flat on your bat or you can have then curled on the bat, just your preference what you prefer when you’re playing The advantage with the pen hold grip is that you can use more wrist. The disadvantage has been that it’s a little bit harder to hit your backhand. However now penholder players are using the back of their bats to play the backhand as well

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  1. It really is your own preference. Once you start to learn with one grip, generally you will stick with that grip. There are lots of great players using the shakehand grip and lots of great players using the penhold grip so neither is really better than the other.

    In Australia the shakehand grip is a lot more common, and as such there are more coaches who are comfortable teaching the shakehand grip.

  2. I definitely recommend learning the correct grip and sticking with it. It may feel strange to begin with, but it allows you to develop all of the strokes. When using a shakehand style grip but placing more fingers on the back of the bat, you generally make the backhand harder to play.

  3. It's really a matter of preference. There are top players in the World who use the Penhold grip and top players in the world that use the Shakehand grip.

  4. hehe, I kept hand loose (before I watched the video).
    After a while, my hand got sweaty + playing aggressive = a hole in my friend's living room wall…

  5. The shakehand and the penhold grip are the best ways to hold the bat. Both of these grips allow you to develop your game from a beginner right up to being the best player in the world. Although other grips are used by some people, I would recommend using either the shakehand or penhold grip.

  6. hmm i use the shakehand grip but i have problems then doing te backhand topspin and i tend to during the game loosen my bat slghtly and change the grip for certain shots

    how bad do you think this habit is?

  7. It is preferable to keep the same grip for all shots as then you can never get caught with the wrong grip. Having said that plenty of players adjust the angle of the bat in their hand ever so slightly for different shots. As long as it is a natural movement to shift the bat and is only a slight variation then it is not a major problem. If you have a substantially different grip for each shot then it would be a problem as you would get caught out. So in summary try to keep the same grip.

  8. @dragonangel6 Yeah I know. It does sound a bit silly. I was trying to say pointer finger which is what some people call it. I think it still gets the point across though thankfully.

  9. @danymiudo2 Umm? Dude, where did you get from that 5 word comment i said i was expert? And I was also pointing out the correct finger name? Not the way to hold a bat? You know, what this video is about? If ANYTHING i'm a finger name expert? not expert at the appropriate way to hold a bat? Seems your an expert on completely misjudging comments.

  10. ?? : 1. must I show my bat my opponent, if he wants to see what sort of pimples I am using . 2. can I chance my bat during a match ? for example I chance long pimples against short pimples after I have seen where my opponent is weak ?
    tanx for the answers

  11. @recbeatloop 1. Yes you must show your bat at the start of the match if requested. 2) No you are not allowed to change your bat during a match.

  12. @firendable If you have the right grip and then learn the basic strokes, it will come. It just takes practice!

  13. @firendable If you think you have talent, like most ballroom dancers, for example,they learned the dancing by themselves, they danced the way, un-improved for 19 years, still dancing the same way like 19 years ago. Ping pong is the same. I wished I had a champion to teach me how to play at the beginning, the more I played the more I improved ! But now it is almost too late to do the right way now! George Wu, AIA 2011-12-18

  14. i originally used the shakehand at first cause im a smasher and a low-hitter. But i switch to penhold for serving with spins.

  15. I got a question if any one can answer it on how to hold the paddle. Do we put the paddle grip between our figures and cruel them to hold it or do we put it in the middle of the palm of our hand? I gonna assume middle of fingers as the persons point finger does not go past the paddle much.

  16. It's not really the middle of your fingers but more in the palm of your hand with the fingers coming round. If you hold the bat upright and then imagine you are shaking hands with the bat, you just move your hand forward until the handle touches your hand between thumb and forefinger, then just close the fingers around the bat.

  17. Are you playing the reverse penhold backhand or are you playing the standard penhold backhand? With all of these things the change can take some time to get used to.

  18. i suddenly realized how tight my grip was , and with this suggestion i can brush the ball easily during loops with more accuracy thanks coach 🙂

  19. i want to know how to do a spin serve or a fast serve which is easy to exicute and hard to returne ………………….sory for the spelling 

  20. would it make any sense to use a penhold paddle and use a shakehand grip?  I notice the penhold paddles have a larger face, and perhaps would give an advantage in size. I am not comfortable with the pen grip, but thought it to be interesting to have a pen paddle with the larger face. thank you

  21. Should I be using a penhold (short handle) bat to learn chinese penhold? Would it be easier than having a shakehand FL bat, as I already do?

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