How To Hold Table Tennis Bat Correctly

Welcome to EmRatThich channel. Today is 25 Dec, our 3rd Ping Sunday. I will explain you how to hold the table tennis
bat / racket correctly by using the Chinese coaching. “Holding a table tennis bat / racket” is the
first table tennis lesson. Having a good grip in table tennis is crucial
as it allows you to optimize your technique. Without a correct grip, you cannot do the
strokes correctly and never improve to a high level of table tennis. Some coaches didn’t correct the grip / show
their players how to hold the bat correctly at the beginning. That’s the main reason that the players never
progress or just improve slowly. The coach just said “Hey, pick up your racket
and start training on the table”. It’s not a good way of coaching the beginner
player. In china, the coach shows the principles of
the grip and lets the young kids to play with the ball (without the table) at least one
week. The kids must feel his racket and adapt his
grip. This first lesson is very important as the
grip will stay with you all of your table tennis life. First of all, I want to present you my toughest
opponent in table tennis … My daughter. You can sometimes hear her cry in the video. With this opponent, I must record my narration
several times in the table tennis video. But never mind, “practice makes perfect”. We wish you a Merry Christmas with your friends
and your family. I will now answer some of your questions Yashu Nath confirms his recovery time is better
as he has prepared better for the next shot with the Chinese technique. Dernish Gott asks how to hold the racket properly
? He has to always change the grip during the FH-BH transition. The grip is very important. But not many coach has explained about it. That’s the reason I make this video. Ray asks me to explain more about “loop at
the side of the body”. Look at the Figure a. Don’t hit when the ball is still travelling
in front of you because the ball is out of the optimal range of hitting. Hit when the ball is on your side, on the
x-axis because it’s the best position to apply the force and to follow through and support
the ball (add power and spin). Please also remember to rotate your hip around
the axis as shown in the Figure b.If the ball goes directly to your body, you need to move
to the left and hit the ball in it’s optimal zone (Figure c) Alexey Kan comments on the zone to chop the
ball. Yes, you are right that it’s difficult to
chop the ball at the third zone for amateur player. However, in some situations, the defender
should wait a little, and chop the ball when the ball is at the position of the hip. It’s much safer and it’s crucial for the defender
to vary the spin of the ball at this zone (vary the spin to make a deceptive returned
ball). Look at the picture, the hitting position
is shown at the same level of the player’s hip. Soper proposes me to show my own play as he
wants to verify the information is coming from someone legit. A: You are right that I should show up in
my video. Due to a personal reason, for this moment,
I would like to keep my privacy. I will show up when the time is right. Hope you continue to enjoy my table tennis
tips. Bboyy corrects my pronunciation. “Low” should read as “Low” but not “loud”. Thank you again, this helps me to improve
the video’s quality. I will cover the difference between Chinese loop
and European loop technique in the next video. Agustin Morinico asks the biggest problem
of table tennis player: Full of amition but lack of practice partner. A: I can’t help you. To improve, you need practice with someone. Find a coach, find a friend, find a good partner. Or just propose a coach to let you train yourself
alone, and find a partner that can help you do the excercice. Sometimes, training with a good partner is
much better than a coach as he may not have enough time to correct you. Dominik askes how to play well during match. A: Yes, I’ve coached many young players like
you and I understand well the problem. Young players has the mental weakness and
the performance during match is not as stable as adult players. I can give you 3 tips to improve your mental
weakness: 1. Don’t think about the score of the set. As when you think about the score, you just
want to finish the match and lose your concentration. Just play each point ! And say yourself “I
don’t want to finish the match, I just want to finish this point”. 2. Slow down the rhythm of the match. You have many tools: Drink water, talk with
your coach, time out, sweep your hand, look far away. Slow down to regain your concentration. 3. In some situation, that’s not your fault to
miss the ball. It’s just because the opponent has increased
the quality of his shot (spin and speed). So if you continue to miss the ball, ask your
coach to change the tactics. Gojko shares a good experiences about Chinese
rubber. A: I’m totally agreed with him. If you found a good combination of sponge
hardness and elasticity. Stay with it, don’t change. Because there are many “marketting mysteries”
out there that attract the players to change their equipments just for money. The video is rather long now. I seperate the guide in 2 parts. Part 1: Explication of Liu Guoliang about
the pro’s grip Part 2: The key points to hold the bat correctly
/ Chinese coach Liu Guoliang gives us a good introduction
that to grip the bat based on your playing style. Wang Hao always has 2 fingers on the bat at
all time, so he can have a very good Reverse Penhold Backhand. These fingers serve as a good support for
your BH. The thumb is on the FH rubber, and is not
as deep as Ryu Seung Min’s forehand grip. While Ryu Seung Min’s forehand grip is “deeper”
(his thumb is very forward), his traditional backhand grip is different. His fingertips don’t touch the rubber. Ma Lin is
somewhat in between. Liu Guoliang says if you want a good backhand
like Wang Hao use Wang Hao’s grip. If you want good forhand use Ryu Seung Min’s
grip. If you want good third ball, serve, and serve
return, use Ma lin’s grip. Timo Boll’s grip is very narrow and a clearly
FH oriented grip. The index is very high and can support your
FH stroke. ZJK and ML have different position for thumb
and index finger. ZJK grip is very compact, his thumb is a little
bit higher which support his backhand while ML’s grip is forehand/counter loop oriented. It’s time for Christmas Party now. The most important key points will be explained
in the Part 2. Now, I need to know which topics are you interesed
the most. I will focus on these topics in the next year
BELOW … Topic 1 “Equipments”: how to boost, chinese
rubber, national version, tackiness of chinese rubber, how to choose a good blade,… Topic 2 “Techniques”: how to drop shot, tricky
serve, contact point, footwork, how to read serve, how to counter loop, BH flip, … Topic 3 “Tactics”: how to coach, counter Hitter,
counter Blocker, Looper, counter Left-hander, how to time out, serve tactics, … Topic 4 “Analysis”: who is the best coach,
match analysis, secret in Chinese training, closed training, child hood of Zhang Jike,
SEE YOU NEXT SUNDAY – 01 JAN 2017 PLEASE VOTE YOUR TOPICS BY COMMENTING BELOW MERRY CHRISTMAS ! Thank you to support me during 2016. It’s a lot fun coaching players. I hope that we can improve together next year
! Best wishes to you and your family !

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