How to Hollow Out Tree Stumps Tutorial

Hi guys! Today I’m finally sharing some of my tipss and tricks for hollowing out live wood, it’s different than milled wood and can be pretty tricky. So people ask me a lot how I do it. What type of tools that I use, so today I’m going to share with you. My first tree stump was hollowed out actually by hand using a mallet and chisels and I was able to do that because when i found this tree stump it was actually rotted out in the center so it was really just a matter of removing the rotted material. But as I started to use other trees that weren’t rotted it became very clear that I was not going to be able to do it by hand and so I had to graduate to a power tool something with enough power to get the job done. This is when my chainsaw became my new best friend. Now, when i moved to a bigger tree like the I found in salt lake city I had to really, really stretch the way I was approaching the problem. So I did some research and found that the Indians used to do dugout canoes by burning the center out of them. But frankly this is the outcome that I saw as very likely so I started to experiment with other tools. The hammer grill with a sharpened shovel bit ended up being really, really helpful for me particularly on the part of the tree that was rotten. They don’t normally come super sharp so I just sharpen mine and it worked like a huge chisel. I thought that was great. One of the most helpful tools for me was my four-and-a-half inch grinder with a Lancelot bit. So, if you look really closely at the bit you can see it’s really just a circular chain saw. Which is well, its kind of gnarly and super, super dangerous. So the thing with this is you really, really have to have the muscle strength in order to handle it because it definitely can get pretty wild. On a kinder, more gentler note this is a dremel multi-max. So, it’s a vibrating or oscillating saw. I didn’t discover this until I was you know really well into the process of doing this. THIS IS AWESOME! You can do all these plunge cuts so it’s perfect for cutting stairs like nice and even super easy. I wish I had had this a lot earlier. It would have been one of my favorite tools just around the house. So there you have it! That’s how I do it. Remember, this is not an activity for the beginner or even the novice. Please make sure that if you’re going to attempt this, that you’re doing it safely. That you have the experience and expertise with with all of these tools in order to use them safely, and you also have the power in order to handle them safely. Because they are, well, when they bite they tend to take off fingers. And so you want all your fingers when the day is over. Also, for for those of you who have shared my GoFundMe campaign, thank you so much! I really appreciate your help and support Please continue to share it online and encourage the people who are sharing it with to share it as well shares are just as valuable as donations So, if you don’t mind, I would really appreciate the continued support and I hope everyone is doing well, and have a great day!

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  1. Aah thank you, this was just the thing I was looking for! Even better is that it came from my favourite channel! That comment about losing fingers near the end made me laugh, it brought back memories of a time my father and I came across a power tool salesman who was missing a finger. He was demonstrating how to use dremel attachments in a local hardware store and we all got talking, it turns out you should never use a bandsaw whilst low on sleep 😛

  2. Umm I think it's Robyn but creator of the forest can u tell me the address and the email me and my mom might be going

  3. I think these videos would be a lot more popular if you videotaped the whole process of making one (with edits).

  4. Robyn, you are my hero! Your story made me cry. Thank you for bringing kindness to our world!

  5. I can see the "Little owl" door up above you. So, Has anything been left out there in the forest you built ?Some people say , 2 doors were left -The" little owl" and door for the owner of the park that let you maintain it. Is that true ? I love the whole project and I am sorry you had to take it down. U r unique!

  6. Hi have you ever considered adding lighting, RGB light strips are cheap they let you pick pick from a lot of colors with a remote and so are small solar cell that could just be put on back

  7. Hi Robyn your story inspired me That I began my own fairy house building I would love to show you how can i. I am so excited about it

  8. Be VERY careful with the Lancelot! ALWAYS use the grinder's screw-in side handle and the blade guard. I was using one years ago to hollow the center of a log chair in order to make it lighter. I had removed the handle and guard so that the grinder; would fit into the hollowed log. Eventually, I hit a knot and the grinder kicked backward toward me. The blade cut off the top of the knuckle on my left index finger – the hand that SHOULD have been securely gripping the side handle. Had I not removed the handle and especially had I not turned the blade guard to the side, it never would have happened. One more nanometer and I would have severed the tendon and lost the ability to bend my index finger for good. Thanks to a wonderful plastic surgeon I got off easy. One more tip – NEVER wear gloves of any kind while using a bladed tool, not kevlar, not chain mail, NOTHING. The gloves weave will catch on the blade's teeth and pull your hand INTO the blade where the glove will quickly lose it's cut-resistant quality. The result is a far worse injury than if you had not worn gloves. Chainsaws may be an exception to that rule.

  9. I’m sorry but I must react to a comment you made here.
    Italians = Italy
    French= France
    Indian= India
    You are referring to native Americans?

    Why call them Indians?

    Just sayin’

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