How to Hydro Dip! ⚾ Baseball! Red Sox, Yankees Customs…

Hi guys Ian from the Football Boots team and
today we are ditching the football boots and we’re gonna do a baseball hydro dip
we’re looking towards the end of the season the playoffs the hunt for October
the World Series and in this video you’re going to see me transferring
things onto baseball bats onto balls and all sorts of baseball stuff we’re going
to make some awesome hydro dips in this video stay tuned let’s get into it all right here we go Boston Red Sox the
hottest team in baseball we are going with the flames for their helmet so
gonna get those in get that going and then the next thing we’re going to put
this now orange helmet in and yeah give it some flames it’s gonna be awesome okay you ready how is that looking that’s quite orange
there’s quite flames too… big fan all right so this one is a skull graphic
and this one is kind of a homage to the day the dead or el dia de Dodgers for the
Hispanic population in LA and we’re gonna go with the helmet on this just
trying to nudge this bubble out I’m excited about this one okay we’re gonna
give it a spray we’re ready okay so we’re gonna let the paper get
wet ready ready I’m gonna peel off what we have before I’m going to put the oil slick in okay in this goes and I was thinking we could put the
mitt in what do you think you’re too big too big maybe all right so we’re gonna
do the helmet time for a bit activator best dip yet check out that White Sox fans all right so this time around we’re
going to make our World Series ball and we’re going to pay homage to all of the
nations who take part in baseball across Canada and the USA with all these flags
here got the ball what could just throw it in but we’re gonna hold onto it for a
minute we’ll let these do their thing and then maybe in the knuckleball grip
we’ll try and get it in there all right just maybe a little bit of
activator I’m gonna get it out now there we go
there we go pretty cool we’re going in well that is the biggest bubble we’ve ever had okay here we go we’re gonna ignore the
bubble okay we ready? all right so let’s try with this new bat
we are gonna go shiny side down get that into the water doing its thing give it a
minute and then we’re gonna put that in there and twist it hopefully and do the
magic shall we give it a go what do they reckon to that? alright guys so that pretty much wraps
up the video but I want to know what your favorite is out of all these things
we’ve done so we’ve done some bats we’ve done some balls we’ve done some
helmets so start off with the bats there’s a poll card there right now have
a vote and tell me do you like the carbon-fibre bat do you like the yellow
and black flag design or do you like the plain original bat so carbon fiber the
Pittsburgh Pirates with the yellow and black design or just the straight old
wooden bat shouldn’t have done it alright so vote the poll card on that
one now we’re gonna move on and I want to talk about the balls so we’ve got
this kind of oil slick beautiful kind of rainbow colored one you’ve got the USA
flag design one and then you’ve got my World Series flags of the world version
let me know in the poll card now one two three which one of those three you want
to vote for and I’m gonna tell you in a second which my favorite ones in this
whole video are so let’s decide what our favorite helmet is you can have a vote
in the poll card now let me know your four choices are the LA Dodgers el dia de Dodgers kind of skull helmet that I’ve got in my hands here otherwise
you’ve got that zebra print Chicago White Sox helmet the flames Boston Red
Sox helmet or the Yankees kind of space design helmet so have a vote in the
poll card now let me know what your favorites are I can tell you right now
that my favorite is probably the Chicago White Sox zebra helmet along with
the oil slick on the ball and the yellow and black Pittsburgh Pirates bat that’s
my favorite in this video all right guys thank very much for watching you got
suggestions for other hydro dips you want to see let me know in the comments
below we’ll be back with some more football soon so go enjoy your football

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  4. Everyone complaining is ridiculous. Who cares about the title of the channel. The creator is gonna make what the creator wants. Get your sticks out of your high and mighty asses. If you don't enjoy then be gone. This was cool although I don't care for baseball. The designs were great and hydro dipping is something I'll now try. Football Boots channel, thanks for staying true to yourselves, continue to push on creating freely, and thank you for the conent.

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