How To Improve Timing [7 Baseball Hitting Tips to Drastically Improve Timing]

What’s going on guys, Coach Madden, today we’re talking about the 7 tips to improve your timing
when hitting in baseball first I want to say thank you to big league grips for
sponsoring this video big league grips is a bat grip training
aid for all ages when you place it on your bat it teaches proper grip and
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the plate check them out at first of all timing is
probably the most important part of the swing right you could have the most
beautiful swing in the world but if you’re not on time if you’re a little
bit late we’re a little bit early you’re probably gonna miss hit the ball if not
swing and miss so timing is very very important these 7 tips right here are
gonna help you if you’re struggling with your timing let’s get into it number 1
is you have to get in sync with the pitcher early right it doesn’t start
when you get into the box it starts when you’re on deck even in the hole even
before that watching during the game while the guy’s pitching to your
teammates when you’re a few batters away right pay attention to the game watch
this guy see what he’s throwing you know is he a straight fastball guy where he’s
burning fast balls by everyone or is he a junk ball pitcher throwing a little
bit slower this is gonna help you time him up right you have to pay attention
during the game and watch what this guy is doing because that has a lot to do
with your timing and if you’re watching you’re going to be more successful on
being on time when you get into the batter’s box so pay attention in the
hole work on it watch them when you get on deck start practicing right watch
that pitcher get in there take swings off of his pitches right we’re not just
taking a bunch of swings up there in the hole on deck we’re gonna you know get it
get our bats or our bat weight or whatever we’re using to get loose take a
couple swings but then we’re gonna swing off of the pitcher right as he lifts his
leg we’re kind of timing them up we’re getting into our leg lifts and then
we’re swinging take a few swings off of his pitches ok that’s how you tie them
up then obviously when you get into the box
that’s when the game begins tip number two for timing is focus on when you’re
getting your foot up versus when it’s getting down because for awhile I always
talked about get your front foot down in time right and you hear a lot of coaches
say that get your front foot down on time but sometimes I see guys getting
their front foot down too early some guys a few guys not too many
get their front foot down too late but I had Antonelli Matt Antonelli Antonelli
baseball on the channel last month and he talked about something really
interesting and he said that he works on his guys when they’re getting their
front foot up so he doesn’t worry about when it’s landing he worries more about
or teaches them or has them focus on when they’re lifting that front leg up
and that really helps them with timing I don’t always tell them get your foot
down earlier I tell them you’ve got to get this foot off the ground sooner you
have to be ready to launch the swing when the ball is about halfway there so
try that out really focus on when that front foots coming up so you could be
down in time on time and have better success typically when pitchers are
throwing guys want to have their front foot down and start their swing as that
ball is about half way now obviously if it was that easy everyone would be great
hitters but it’s not so we have to continually work on this and obviously
the pitchers job is to disrupt our timing that’s his whole job as a pitcher
right so we have to try to beat on time when he’s disrupting our time it’s a
very tough thing to do but if you focus on when your foot comes up you might
have a little bit more success in doing that try it out number three is to go
through a few pitches on deck and I already touched on this on tip number
one but I want to get a little more into detail on your pre at-bat routine as you
get into your on-deck circle right obviously like I said you want to take a
few swings with your weighted bats but then you’re taking swings on that guy’s
actual pitches another thing I like to do that really helps with this and get
you into a good state state of mind state of energy is to visualize your
best hit ever right so let’s say you hit a home run one time and you know you
think you can hit a home run off of this guy visual that visualize that in your
mind on deck before you get up here see that guy going through you could
actually watch this guy and still time his pitches while you’re taking a swing
in your mind on that great hit that you had so you get up there you’re
practicing your swing you’re seeing the pitcher load up you’re loading up your
time in Mumbai you’re imagining that homerun going out of the park so you’re
gonna put yourself into a good state of mind state of energy you’re ready to go
you’re feeling confident when you walk up to the plate and you’ve timed them up
when you’re on deck tip number four for improving your timing is to not throw
away pitches when you get up here right so now you’ve went through
warm-up routine you’re up to bat right now you don’t want to get up there and
take the first pitch take the second pitch to try to get your timing down
because now you’re swinging with two strikes you’re in a true strike approach
your swing and defensive you’re never really gonna have any success that way
so you want to be patiently aggressive is a great way to think about it yes you
want to be patient you want to make him come to you but you also want to be
aggressive when you do get that good pitch okay you also want to make
adjustments throughout the abet like I said before the pitchers main job is to
disrupt our balance and our timing right and our job is to be on time be balanced
and get a good hit right so it’s a battle and we have to make adjustments
during the bat if we know that when he gets to one on one count or two strike
count that he’s going 100% to his breaking ball then we gotta adjust for
that right we can’t have a fastball swing in a breaking ball count
vice-versa we can’t have a breaking ball swing in a fastball count so be
patiently aggressive when you’re up there don’t take too many strikes and
give it away to get your timing right be patiently aggressive get a good pitch
put a good swing on it tip number five for improving your timing and it’s pitch
recognition pitch recognition is huge when it comes to timing because guess
what as Mohammed Ali said you can’t hit what you can’t see right so you have to
be able to see that ball and you have to be able to see it all the way in one
thing I like to talk about and actually learn this from Antonelli again many
many years ago was having a moving from a soft focus to a hard focus all that
means is when you’re looking out there at the pitcher you want to have kind of
a gaze out there right you don’t want to be staring at his release point for 10
13 seconds as he’s getting ready to pitch because guess what your eyes are
gonna get watery right have you ever done that you stare at something for a
couple of seconds your eyes start to get blurry right you don’t want to do that
have a general soft focus out of the pitcher this way you can see everything
that he’s doing and you can kind of time up with him right now we move from that
soft focus into a hard focus as he gets to his release point so we’re not
straining our eyes the whole time we have that general gaze out there here we
go I’m seeing him he’s coming up and do his leg kick okay boom now I’m moving
into a hard focus now I see that ball on a hard focus very focused the whole way
in track it smash that ball over the fence or
wherever trying to hit it tip number six is to work on it and practice
practice talking about practice yeah you got to practice if you want to get
better right if you’re struggling with your timing let’s practice it okay that
means doing a little bit less t work right if you’re struggling with your
timing because the T is a great tool don’t get me wrong we can work on our
swing off of the T we can work on the mechanics and everything but the T does
not help us with timing so if you’re struggling with timing and you’re doing
all your practice swings off of a tee we need to adjust that right we need to do
more more live pitching more front toss more things where the balls are moving
so we can work on that rhythm and that flow and that timing when we’re hitting
so if you’re struggling a little bit less T work a little bit more live and
number seven I want you to have a little bit of a tempo a little bit of a dance a
little bit of a flow when you’re up here hitting right you can even count in your
head while you’re up here working on your swings right so when you get up to
bat and this is not in the game I’m talking about practice now have a little
bit of a count in your head as you’re going one two three swing okay start to
get that tempo and that timing so you can work on it okay whether it’s a count
of numbers or it’s a beat in your head maybe you’re hitting with headphones in
and you kind of work off of that beat okay now always trying to get that tempo
always trying to be fluid trying to have that good timing if you’re counting one
two three boom okay tempo and timing that’s going to
help you with your timing always remember – this is an athletic movement
we got to be fluid we can’t be too mechanical if you’re being too
mechanical here and you’re being like a robot it’s very hard to be smooth right
you’re gonna lack with your timing so try to be smooth try to be an athlete
try to have good fluid movements think about I really don’t like the word
mechanics think about movement over mechanics I hope you guys liked that
video let me know if you did we’re giving away a big-league grips down in
the comments below all you got to do is let me know what you’re gonna do to work
on your timing and how big-league grips would help you with your swing and leave
a comment down below and one random comment will be chosen I’ll ship it
straight to you and good luck I’ll talk to you down in the comment section

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