100 thoughts on “How to Improve Your Weak Foot  & Touch in Soccer or Football  – Weaker foot training & drills

  1. If you're looking to improve your Weak Foot Shooting…Hit up our 21 day Challenge and the Weak Foot Shooting Video Here
    Weak Foot Shooting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJhVAxhyPcE

  2. Through training I started using my left foot for short passing and close range shooting. Yesterday I scored 2 goals with my weak foot in an actual game! First was 1v1 finish and then an immediate finish after a nice cross.

    The only use I had for my left was getting on the bus. So if I can do it, you can!

  3. I can’t juggle cuz for some reason every time I look down and start stretching my leg then pain shoots up my thigh… I went to the doctor but said it’s hamstring tightness… I am playing now but I can’t fix it… helppppp

  4. Should we do practice daily or we take break in a week ?
    And my 2nd question is what should I do in order to build up stamina for football?

  5. my juggling record is 2053 while useing my right and left foot, but when I only use my weekfoot ( left one) I don't even get 13

  6. the biggest turning point for my weak foot (left) was when I started trying to replicate everything I'd do with my right foot to my left. Plant foot, body balancing, follow through and contact when striking. After a while my muscle memory increased from the repitition. before that, even watching someone shoot with their left foot made my foot uncomfortable. everyone started with 2 weak feet if you think about it. when you learn soccer, you teach your one foot how to play. it's just like teaching soccer to your weak foot from scratch.

  7. Today is the day I do these drills I will become the best player in the world pray for me ❤️❤️to help me make my path to become a pro ❤️luv the vids

  8. My way of improving your weak is to just use it even if it makes you look physically disabled and you’ll eventually improve

  9. I play with both feet i simply have no weak foot but when dribbling or running with the ball my left is simply stronger, even when I'm shooting and guggling.

  10. If i have a lot of money and time to practice more than this.i become more skillsfull than legend footballer

  11. If i have a lot of money and time to practice more than this.i become more skillsfull than legend footballer

  12. Awsome… Video bro…. I loved it…. Gonna start 4 it😁🇨🇮✌…. Hope it improve….. Waiting 4 some more gud video

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