65 thoughts on “How To Kick A Soccer Ball ► How To Kick A Football ► Progressive Soccer Training

  1. Can You Help Me Fix This Issue, I Don't have a near Soccer field,But I Have a park there's Only 15 Yards

  2. Am left footer does that mean am unique because first time i got ball i made all the team like clowns trying to steal a ball

    Can you please do a video about (How to shoot and pass in a safe way)? Cause My foot have been hurting since August! The worst thing is that I can no longer play match! 😔 Help please!!!

  4. i love this channel first i didn't know how to play soccer now i'm good at soccer i learn everything in this channel

  5. This video alone improved me so much, it didn't only improve my shooting, it also improved my passing too, thank you!
    I have been practicing like you say in every of your videos, i analyze my self!
    Thanks again!

  6. If you keep the ankle soft trust me it causes pain and injury…kicking by lashes gives 99 percent accuracy but prepare to lock the ankles first otherwise you will suffer from pain

  7. Yeah there are days when my kicks are awesome like I can do nice free kicks but then there are days where I just can't transfer the energy into ball, I wonder what I do wrong. Anyways I can kick better without shoes and that's strange.

  8. I'm having a hard time finding a video that talks about foot place of the planting foot (when passing, kicking, shooting). How far should it be from the ball? Also, when shooting I thought it was important to stand tall and not hunch over the ball when you're kicking. But you said to make sure you're bent over the ball… I'm slight confused.

  9. foot extension. it's foot extension. extension is defined as the increase in angle of the joint. the foot goes from 90 to near 180. it's extension

  10. strike the ball with where the laces are means that u strike the ball with a sweet spot right ? laces=sweet spot ?

  11. I'm consistent from close and medium range up to 5 yrds outside the box but after that I can't get a good shot

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