How to #livestream a Softball or Baseball Game

Hey, what’s up guys. We’re here streaming
professional softball at the Crusher’s Stadium in Avon Ohio and I’m going to
show you our live stream setup. it’ll third so today we’re doing a four
camera shoot and three of them are actually in front of our press box so
this camera right here this is like our close-up, kind of followed the action
shot, you know basically I’m roaming around on it. If someone hits a home run
I go chase it, if I want to zoom in on the pitcher when they’re
getting ready to throw, that’s what this camera’s for. I also have a monitor here
so I can see the program output of what our producer is switching to this camera
here is our general wide shot or what I like to call kind of the safe shot.
Anytime we don’t really know where the ball is we switch to this cuz it’s gonna
capture everything on the field. Lastly our third camera up here is gonna be a
close-up shot of the pitcher and the batter so our third camera only has mini
HDMI out so to get it back to our switcher we’re actually using a
decimator bi-directional converter it allows us to put HDMI into the decimator
and then output SDI all the way to our switcher now I’m going to show you where
our four cameras also we had to run a 200 foot SDI cable
all the way around the ground here to get to our next camera we also ran a
communications cable so we can talk to the camera operator over here alright so
we decided to put our fourth camera kind on the third base line this camera is
really capturing close-ups of the batter close-ups of the people running bases
the dugout shots the crowd shots it’s really just meant to pick up all those
kind of glamor shots you might not be able to get with those three cameras
over there back at beautiful Springer Stadium as you take in the night sky
here in Avon Ohio so every camera actually has its own intercom headset
really all this is for is so they can talk to the director and the director to
talk to them about when they’re cutting to their shots so all four of those
cameras you just saw run into our Blackmagic 8m switcher and we have that
going into a Blackmagic recorder that’s right next to it they pair together
really really well because they sit so nicely next to each other we have this
Blackmagic recorder so we can record a backup just in case anything happens to
the livestream from our black magic ATM we actually do a program out feed to
this Blackmagic ultra studio mini recorder which then goes Thunderbolt
into a laptop and then that goes into our graphic software from our graphics
program we go Thunderbolt out into the ultra Studio mini monitor and then SDI
out right into the box after Pro for live streaming here we have our multi
view monitor where our director can see all for the angles that we’ve already
described you and also this computer is running black magics ATM software for
switching these angles so we actually control the switcher with this software
from my computer end of this season heading into the championship
this one is sliced out to Center for a base ship Pendley around second trying
to get to third she’s tagged out by Lily so you might be wondering what are we
doing for audio we actually have two announcers one play-by-play and one
color commentator we’re bringing their microphones in via XLR to our mixer and
then we’re sending XLR out into our ATEM switcher we’re also giving them this
Polsen amplifier so they can hear themselves talking so it’s a lot easier
for them to communicate one other thing we added was a microphone by home base so I’m gonna attach this shotgun mic
right behind home plate and it gets attached via XLR the reason we’re doing
this is so we can pick up all that ambient noise in the stadium we want to
hear the crowd noise we want to hear boos we want hear cheers we also want to
hear like a track of the bat the env f-22 is launched out to left-center
quieting out a room it’s a home run all that stuff you want to hear when you
come to a baseball stadium and of course we can’t forget we have the BoxCaster
Pro doing all the streaming for us this gives us the ability to stream the
Facebook YouTube our website the league’s website which they absolutely
love and it gives us high quality streaming at 1080p 60 which is amazing
for sports so that’s it that’s our live streaming setup if you have any
questions put them in the comments below we look forward to hearing from you

19 thoughts on “How to #livestream a Softball or Baseball Game

  1. Great job buddies ….
    Can you tell me tha total cost of this full setup …I mean the total cost of all equipments..

  2. Are there any online or offline courses from where I can learn basic and advance online streaming

  3. For the past few years have been searching for setup video, at least got basic idea clear via this video. Btw how fast your internet should be for this kind of streaming?

  4. I typically like to put the pitching/ batting camera out by center field and zoomed in like what the MLB does but that's a lot of cable and needs repeaters to do that.

  5. What about replay capability?
    Is it possible to replay particular shots instantly and in slow motion with this setup?

  6. Researching what we would need to broadcast HEMA tournaments, this is great starting point for finding info, thank you so much for sharing!

    $10k is way out of our leagues price range atm. Would you have suggestions for a more budget friendly setup?

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