How To Make A Bat Mobile Halloween Decoration!!!

Welcome to Pins and Things. Today i’m gonna show you guys how to make your v very own Bat mobile. First thing that I’ve done is actually print off a bat clip art Off of offline. I just looked It up on google bat and by the way look at these adorable earrings that are totally in the shape of a bat that I happen to do that on purpose. So i’m going to cut this out and then this will be my template for making all of my other bats Also I did make sure to print off one that’s a pretty simple one So that it’s not i’m not having to cut so many lines and just making a little bit easier on myself So this is gonna be my template and this is just crafting foam that I have here. You can use black felt cute paper. I think I’ve got some blacks in here that I think would look really nice The greatest part about it is you can use whatever the heck you want So I have a black sharpie and I know that it’s black but it will show up to me, it’s just a little bit darker than the actual foam. I’m making sure also to hold It down really well so that I can get, I don’t cccidentally move it and have it look weird So i’m just gonna cut that out and that will become our heavier-duty template for all of our other ones So now i’m just gonna take some time and cut out a whole bunch more Of these. So I have a branch that I’ve just stuck up on top of my two stands here that are like for a lighting kit but you can hold It up on anything that you want, you could even tack it to the ceiling with some fishing string and then add your bats afterwards. I’m just gonna let It hang Like This For Now and then i’m gonna Go ahead and Put fishing string on My bats and tie them onto the branch Where did I put my fishing string? It’s sink through, that’s why I can’t find it. I found it I’m gonna start gluing with hot glue, my fishing string onto each one of my bats It just takes one drop to glue it on and your fishing string You have to wait for it to cool. As I’m going and making sure to not put them at the exact same level because I think it looks better when they’re kind of on different levels Let’s go stick some tacks in the strings that I’m holding up and put It in my house It’s finished, so I had to hook it up with some tacks and if I have to make it go up higher, so that the little kids can’t grab it, maybe i’ll do that but for now I think it looks really good I had to do some adjusting because as you move it, it kind of wobbles a little bit so I would definitely suggest putting up the branch, tacking it to the ceiling first and then attaching each bat from there. All the materials needed for this tutorial are either in your backyard or on Amazon in the link in the description below By the way, i’m wearing a lip scents color right now and it’s called Bella and it’s with a matte gloss, so it looks really nice. I love this color If you’re interested in the lip scents color that I have, I will have a link in the description below where you can follow me On Facebook or you can get it from me on there. Thank you guys so much for watching, make sure to subscribe. You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you click over here, you can watch another Halloween tutorial and if you click over here, you can follow me every day on The Beach House. We’ll see you guys next time

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