How to make a beaded baseball Cap Keychain (Part 1 of 4)

Hello everybody. My name is Nana Akua and today I’m coming
to teach you how to make a beaded cap, baseball cap, key chain. This is it over here. I’m going to teach you, I’m going to show
you the tools you will use for this. There are only three tools you’ll need. You’ll need a bent flat nose plier, a beading
scissors or any other scissors if you don’t have a beading scissors and a round nose plier. For the materials, I am using crystals. I am using 8mm chalk crystals and I’m using
6mm chalk crystals as well. I have some keychains here and then I have
jump rings, 6mm jump rings. I have both gold and silver the choice is
yours. And I have seed beads. I have eleven O seed beads over here. And I have a mixture of either eleven O or
fifteen O. This is just a mixture I collected. 0.45mm of fishing line or fire line depends
on which brand you like. You can also use 0.50, which is a bit thicker
than this and also works just as well as the 0.45. These are the tools and materials that you’ll
need to make this beaded cap. So in the next video, I’ll teach you how
to make the semi-circle.

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