How to Make a Family Quilt : Making a Family Quilt: Cut Batting

Okay, now once you have that all put together
and all your seams checked we are ready to cut our batting out. You go ahead and lay
your batting down first, and then lay your blanket on top. And you want to cut around
it and allow some room for extra. Batting’s not highly expensive so it doesn’t hurt to
have extra. And for my family quilt, I’m actually using
one of our old blankets that we had bought years ago that I really liked the weight of
it but it was just frayed all to heck. So, I’m going to use that for the inside of mine
’cause you won’t see where it’s frayed and I can have that nice weight and a new blanket.
You want to be careful not to try to push the scissors ’cause if you rip it then it’ll
stretch the edges out funny. So, you want to keep your scissors chopping. Looks like
we’re done; it should look something like that.

2 thoughts on “How to Make a Family Quilt : Making a Family Quilt: Cut Batting

  1. Sweetie, we don't need to see you cutting, or ironing (next clip), pre-planning, could put all the clips together. I like your hints etc. Keep trying!

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