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They’ve built this entire thing for you eh? This is a disaster [OPENING MUSIC] Hey guys today we’ll be making your very own DIY mini ice hockey
rink which is great if you have a very athletic team of mice Here’s what you’ll need:
some water make sure it’s wet It’s wet Some paper pipe cleaners an aluminum
foil container some thin red tape blue circles sticker things and some scissors
probably for cutting And who better to be forced to help us than the host of CBC sports
and the Ron MacLean of Canada Mr. Scott Russell Actually Ron MacLean is
from Canada but I’m really happy to be here you’re ready to drop the puck on
this one? Let’s get started First take your paper which will act as your hockey
ring Rink Sure. And fold it at the crease and goal line Next take your thin red tape you can put
it on the center and goal line Pull it like you mean it You’re a 42 long And now you can take your
sticker cut it in half and you can stick them on the creases No, no, you got the
wrong crease listen get away from me Next for the faceoff take big blue
sticker and put it In the center So next take your hockey rinK and put it in the
pan and pour your water in, excuse me, to your desired level of ice thickness How thick do you like your ice Scott? I like it thick You can put your ice rink in the
fridge for a couple hours or if it’s cold enough outside, you can put it out there.. Scott Wooh my it’s brisk What do you want to do do you want to make the nets now? Oh someone’s read his script Do you want to talk about the Olympics at all? You like the olympics at all? You know that women play hockey at the
Olympics right? Yeah Mary Phillipe Poulin scored a couple of goals they
beat the United States in Sochi in 2014 Congratulations to ????? And there you have it your very own DIY mini ice hockey rink you can use a black button
for the puck and the only thing left to do is play [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Good game. You are a beauty We will return
to men’s lawn curling from Pyongyang after this Pyeongchang God bless you

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