How to make a Paper Paraglider! Happy Building!

Hello and welcome to another exciting day! Today we are going to make my all time favourite, The paper paraglider So how do we make it? Come on, Lets find out! For this we need origami papers This uses the same principle that is used in planes the major difference is The glider is made of only one wing Or two wings joint together to form one The aerofoil shape helps in creating high pressure below the wing that helps in lifting the wings and the craft In 1961 a french engineer named Pierre Lemoigne I might have the pronunciation wrong here he took the first steps by strategically cut vents in a parachute which allowed it to ascend in the air and be steered that saved so many lives Leonardo Da Vinci might have designed the first parachute But NASA is responsible for designing and naming the paraglider Hey Guys, Hope you enjoyed watching that video If you did please do subscribe, comment or like. It means a lot Till next time, #HappyBuilding

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