How to Make a Pot Holder : How to Cut the Batting for a Pot Holder

Hi, I’m Candi Cane Canncel with Expert Village.
So we went ahead and cut out our main fabric and our lining fabric so now the next step
is cutting out our batting. I’m just using regular quilting batting as I had mentioned
there is another type of batting that you can use for potholders called mylar batting.
That is just basically a mylar silver fabric on one side fused to a batting on the other
side and you can find it at most arts and craft stores or fabric stores. But you also
can just go ahead and double up on your batting. So we’re going to cut out four pieces and
I’m just going to go ahead and trace, then trace the other two out. Once you have them
traced out, just go ahead and cut them out. What I like to do with the bottom is actually
cut it about a half inch smaller than the pattern because we really don’t need the batting
all the way down to the wrist area. This will make it a lot easier when we’re going to go
sew it. After you get this cut out, the next step is to actually sew them to your fabric

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