How to Make a Quilted Table Runner : Adding Batting for a Quilted Table Runner

Hi, welcome to Expert Village, I’m Gretchen
Soares and today we’re going to make a fancy four patch table runner. In this segment we
are going to show what’s called a “quilt sandwich”. Now that we have our top all pieced together,
we’re going to sandwich it together with our backing, our batting and the top to do our
final steps. The first thing we want to do is put our backing fabric, laying face down
on the counter, and we can work salvage to salvage because this is a small project. We
are going to place our batting on top of that. For this I would like a little extra padding
to it because I want to use it as a hot pad too. So I am going to use a thick fifteen
gauge polyester batting. And then we’re going to place our runner top on top of it. I’m
going to go ahead and trim this extra fabric that’s hanging down. It’ll make it much easier
to work with. Okay, once we have the pieces cut the approximate size we want, we are going
to actually tape this piece of fabric down to our work surface to hold it taunt, otherwise
it bubbles on the under side and we can’t see that. So okay, we’re going to pull taunt
and tape it down so that we get all of the wrinkles out of it or the best we can. The
better we do at taping it down the better our finished product is going to look. Now
starting in the center we’re going to take a quilter’s pin, which is a safety pin; it’s
bent in a “U” shape. The regular safety pin would work if you don’t have these. We’re
going to starting in the middle, put this end through all three layers and clip it,
and we’re going to work our way from the middle to the outside in this manner getting it sandwiched
together so that it’ll hold together when we sew on it. I like to clip in middle of
my squares then when I’m doing my quilting on the machine I don’t have to move these
pins. They’re going to be perfectly out of our way. Once we get all of the safety pins
put in place we are going to remove this tape and we are ready to take this to the machine
and quilt it.

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