How to Make a Tuxedo Pillow : All About Batting for Making a Tuxedo Pillow

Hi I’m Terri Turco with Expert Village. We
are making a tuxedo pillow today and we are getting to the part we are going to turn it
inside out and add the batting. That is really the good part. But before I do that I want
to talk to you a bit about batting cause it can be a little bit confusing. There is so
many different battings available. There is a fiber filled batting that comes in sheets
and it is usually comes by the yard that you can buy it. You get this at fabric stores
and then there is the batting that you literally take out of a bag. Now for our purposes today
we are going to be using the batting out of the bag. The reason being is that we have
lined this pillow. So we really don’t need the batting cause that is almost another texture
that is added and it makes it much too lumpy. If you didn’t line it you could really roll
this and actually make that the actual pillow. But we did line it and that is what they do
in most pillows. In better pillows today they use a type of batting. Some of them are down
filled but down filled tends to be very very expensive. It is also much better to work
with cause you have feathers flying all over. So today what we are going to do is we are
going to be taking this batting and turn this inside out and putting it inside our pillow.
So when we come back we are going to do that actual step we are going to stuff that batting
in this pillow and show you how it looks. So come on back cause we are going to be doing
some stuffing and it is not for Thanksgiving.

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