How to make a,,”cricket helmet”(ENGLISH)

hi friends today we are going to see
about the helmet how to make a cricket Helmet at home and is on how to make it
easy on home now I am made a helmet which is already have made see the it is
the cable wires which are bent and accordingly it has been fixed helmet
and the Box in the middle are stuck with an glue gun and it is very tight you can
see that if it is not compressible and we can put it on over it which is
comfortable and more easily and I will say now how to make it
we need a cap which is having on two holes at the sides like this I will
remove it and show it at all like this you can see this and I will
remove it also this side consider this is an odinary cap see which has two holes at the sides and Can see now, two holes and to make this we
I told you about the wires to, protect your face We can see this the bars are so stick with an
glue gun and this is a set off a mechanics you can buy a simple set and
fix it for this and this is also also on mechanics which come like
Papers you can connect it and fix it which is comfortable to your head and I
have screwed it for extra strong I have fixed some choice and I tighten the
wires to unbreakable and you can see that I have screwed this purpose also
you need to screw that to the opposite side the flat side must be inside and
the sharp side must be outside to avoid any injuries to it you must bend aspires
to for your safety purpose and you can fix it other
the ball must be outside the cap can you insert it from inside and screw it now now we can use it only for plastic and
some type of softballs to it because it is not as much stronger to train and hot
falls if you levitate the cable wires will Bend and will not look like you can
see now the helmet is ready to wear and play if you liked this video please like and
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