How To Make Better Contact When Hitting A Baseball [How To Tuesday Ep.2]

Hey guys, Coach Madden, official trainer of and today we’re talking about how to have better contact when hitting
a baseball. Bat control is so important in a world full
of bat speed programs and everyone is trying to focus on creating more speed and more energy
through the swing. Now don’t get me wrong, that is very very
important if you want to be a power hitter. But having good bat control and making contact
is most important. Because if you’re swinging very very fast
but you’re not hitting the baseball, you’re not going to get anything done. So bat control is most important. It is the fundamental of hitting. Now, the most important thing when it comes
to making better contact when swinging is to have good timing. When the pitcher is pitching, you kind of
want to be dancing with that pitcher. So, as he’s starting his wind up, you kind
of want to have a little rhythm, and move with that pitcher. You don’t just want to be standing still waiting
for that guy to throw because then you’re going to be dead in the water and not have
any energy to get the swing going. So kind of have a rhythm with him, dance with
him, see the ball, try to time it up. There are many drills that you can do to practice
this. You can work on tracking. When your pitchers on your team are throwing
bullpens you can just hop in there and get in there and just try to time it, try to time
it. You’re not actually swinging because he’s
throwing a bullpen, but you’re just in here dancing with that pitcher, getting that load,
stride, and act like you’re swinging but you’re not really swinging. Seeing the ball is also very important when
it comes to having better contact when hitting. Now, when you’re looking at that pitcher,
we talked about timing before, when you’re focusing out on that pitcher when he’s about
to pitch, you don’t want to be super zoned in right away. What I tell all my guys is, you want to have
a soft focus and then bring that soft focus into a harder focus as he starts to deliver
the baseball. So when he gets into his wind up and he starts
to pitch, you’re kind of just gazing out there and having a general view and you’re watching
everything he does and that’s when you’re getting your timing, your rhythm with him. Now as he gets to his release point you want
to sharpen that focus into where he’s releasing that ball. Then you have that hard focus. The reason why we don’t want to have a hard
focus too early is because if you’ve ever starred at something for a few seconds, you’ll
feel your eyes start to strain, they might get watery, they might get itchy, and that’s
why we don’t want to focus in too early. We just want to have that general soft focus
as he gets to release point, then we focus hard for a short amount of time, see that
ball, and make good contact. Another way to work on your contact when hitting
a baseball is to train small. If you use these mini balls to work on your
swing and work on your contact, hitting a bigger ball is going to be a lot easier. You can also get a skinny barrel bat. This is a regular bat here, but they make
skinny barrel bats where you can try to hit these mini balls with a skinny barrel bat
and if you can do that, hitting a regular baseball with a regular bat is going to be
a lot easier. Now, what you can do with these mini balls
is just get a partner out front and they can flip it to you. You just get ready, get your timing down,
take it if it’s a ball. Another way to have better contact is to train
strong, to train a strong contact point, and be able to hit that ball and get through it. Because I see a lot of guys, especially younger
guys, when they get to contact they are very weak through the contact point and it kind
of just dinks out there. You don’t want that, you want to be strong
through the contact point too. So, here’s a great drill to work on training
to be strong through your contact point. You can just put up a basketball or a soccer
ball. Preferably slightly deflated. You’re going to have to find a tee that works
for it. Also if you have one of the old rubber tees
you can stick a plunger upside down in there and that’s a good way to hold the basketball
or the soccer ball up. As you can see with a regular tee, it’s a
little bit hard and you’ve really got to focus on getting it balanced at first, but once
you find that sweet spot you should be good. Another way to work on having better contact
is to train with a wood bat. You know what they say, “aluminum makes good
cans, wood makes good hitters”. The reason why is because the sweet spot on
a wood bat is much smaller, much more condensed. So, you have to be a better hitter and hit
the ball in a smaller area when swinging with a wood bat. Some players will tape their wood bats on
the sweet spot for two reasons. One, it helps keep the bat and make it last
longer. Also, to tell them they’re hitting the ball
on that sweet spot. So, on your BP wood bat, just put a little
tape around that sweet spot and then you can check to see if you’re hitting the ball on
the sweet spot more often than not. And last but not least, I touched on it before,
but tracking drills are huge for when it comes to having better contact because you’re going
to be able to see the ball even better. So if you have a batting cage by your house
that you can get into that’s really fast, maybe a little faster than the pitching that
you see. It’s great to get in there and just take that
load and that stride and try to time up that pitch without even really swinging at it. Then you can get into a cage where it pitches
the same speed as pitchers that you’re going to see and then take actually swings and try
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you’re going to do this year to work on having better contact in your swing. I’ll talk to you guys in the next video.

100 thoughts on “How To Make Better Contact When Hitting A Baseball [How To Tuesday Ep.2]

  1. Bro before this I was a trash hitter but goat butter for those of you that watch ace of the diamond I'm Sawamura hitting and him bunting but now I'm actually a decent hitter thx Jon it's nice to have a guy that can not only give really good pitcher tips but can also give pretty good hitting tips

  2. Great info John. This is exactly what I am trying to teach my young players. They get so focused on the pitcher they only make guess swings. What is a good drill to keep their focus on the ball and not the pitcher besides what you said in the video? Also…what do you think of the AXE bat?

  3. lol at your camera man during little ball training…thanks for your vids you have helped my team big time

  4. You know me because u gave me a baseball that said to Demetrio keep ballen out kid my speed for pitching is 58 and I need increase it to 60 for your tryout in gorga

  5. You should start an AAU program. All of the information in your video's checks out. You start applying this to good talent and when those kids succeed, you'll have yourself a successful business. People will be calling everyday to try to get there kid into your program. You can't make it about money though because it will come and go like every other AAU program. If you make it about the kids success the money will come flowing in and for a longer time then most programs.

  6. Hey john I'm 20 years old and I've never played baseball in my life, but I almost got a scholarship to play division 1 football so I'm semi athletic. The dream is to try and walk on for a college a year from now. I've been working on fundamentals practically all day for the 2 months but I have no way work on batting practice besides working with the tee and/or side toss. I have no where to practice since I never played on any teams so I have no where to practice except for elementary school fields. What should I do?

  7. hey coach, just want to say thanks for making so really great videos! as a coach myself you have helped me add new drills to help my young 9u team!!
    thanks again coach!!

  8. Big proponent of the skinny bat small ball drill. I've been using that for years, the gimmick and competition of of it catches the attention of the young players. a twist I use to add pressure, fun and competitiveness is a different colored "money ball". If they hit 4 in a row they get a money ball, if they hit it I do 5 push ups, if they miss it they do 5 push ups. Either way it's fun and 1 of us gets stronger. Kids love making old coach push.

  9. Again, Love it! My brother and I do something similar with the practicing small. In Ted Williams' book, the science of hitting, he talks about how he used to hit acorns and kernels or corn, we use marshmallows but same effect. Once we can square up a marshmallow, a baseball looks like beach ball! Keep it coming Coach!!

  10. People who teach hitting can make can make the process very complicated. John Madden keeps it simple. To me, the most important aspect of hitting is seeing the ball. If you can see the ball and study the ball and concentrate on the ball, then you can hit the ball. John tells you to start with a wide focus and then narrow your focus on the ball, as the pitcher starts his delivery. In my opinion, this is most important. Even if you don't have Mike Trout's swing, if you concentrate on seeing the ball better, you will consistently hit the ball. Great job Coach Madden.

  11. I like to hit a bowling ball, Lol sorry just kidding, I use those little Skillz balls it comes with a little pitching machine that's pretty cool. Cheap too, here's my problem I'm an older guy have played ball all my life against a pitcher that throws decent fastballs where I can go up there and rely on my reactions I'm a good hitter, but it's those guys who throw 40 MPH fastballs and damn big looping curveballs that get me, seems when I have time to think about it I tend to over swing over stride and roll over. and hit pop ups or freaking ground balls to 2nd(Lefty) How can I work on hitting really slow pitching?

  12. One of the approaches I have taught over the years is "Hit the ball with Two Hands".  I use this with the follow up statement that "Hand/eye coordination works both ways".  If you hit the ball with two hands you will see the ball better.  The effect of  two hands is that it naturally leads to keeping your hands inside the ball on an inside pitch.  The connection I speak of is eyes-hands-barrel of the bat.  Any reaction?Bill Barry

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  14. How I male myself a better hitter is about 3 4 5 or 6 times a week I go and hit on a baseball field and I watch videos of how to make yourself a better hitter

  15. I hit A 4mm glass bottle drink cap with an hallow 9mm metal stick. My sister is throwing at 20mph in the distance of 13 feet and still hitting it.

  16. Hello John I liked your video.  I love baseball and my son also.  Unfortunately my right shoulder is shot until I finally give in to a surgery.  But your tips are greatly appreciated since I don't need a good arm to give this training to my son.  Its school vacation here in Massachusetts so I really want to bring him to some outdoor batting cages about 35 mins away.  Season starts soon April 29th but our spring has not been good still getting snow and rain so preseason practice are going to be rare.  I will try to implement so of your hitting recommendations to help my son and any other team mates who are interested.  I not a coach last few years but I love baseball and always let the coach know if I can can help during and practice or games it makes me happy.  I can run some stations even if its just loading the tee and giving my best advise on our players swings. or keeping the score board since I go to all games and practice.  I have to ask the head coach about the power swings using a heavier ball and hope he let me intergrates some of that.  Cheers Michael

  17. I need help please. I started teaching my son way too late due to a major spinal injury I had (years of recovery). My son is 12 and is just learning to play. I will tell you my son is as big as a stocky 15 year old, he's a tank. Forearms as wide as mine (I'm 5'1" 165 lbs, he's already 5'5" 130 lbs. His "natural" swing is just ugly, 1) He swings downward, 2) He doesn't use his arms or wrists at all, it's like he's twisting his body on a pivot to hit the ball, he looks "robotic", generates zero bat speed 3) Even when he accidentally gets a clean hit and squares one up, it never goes farther than the pitchers mound (and I'm about 30 feet away) and his hits never go more than 8 feet off the ground. 4) When I show him a proper hitting technique, he instantly swings the way I just desribed. I was an All Star, easily could have played college ball, I could hit the ball a mile even with my small frame. I'm a patient teacher but I'm not doing well with him, any tips to teach my son to swing with his arms, not twisting his body to swing? I'll end this by saying he already loves the game, he wants to do well so I'm not forcing it on him. I have taken him to the cages a few times. We will be playing softball for now as they're doing this daily in his gym class. Thanks for taking the time to help a disabled dad (I didn't recover from my injuries, but I'll "play" through the pain just to teach him. He should hit the ball a ton with his natural build.
    God Bless.

  18. Used a Wood Bat in a 45mph cage and broke the bat on the 3rd swing. Usually hit in like 55/70mph (45ft. Distance)

  19. My son is a heck of a pitcher and at home he smashes during practice but sometimes at home and during games he forgets to stare at the pitchingbhand and ball (hard focus) He’s only ten and the last couple of years he was a clutch hitter and he still gets a hit a game but he’s lost power and consistency. Is that common with ten year olds?

  20. My son went from hitting the ball all over the field in the fall to ..not even making contact… I’m no pro but I think he’s dragging the bat barrel.. any drills out there to fix this?

  21. I taught myself that just by playing Wii Sports. Every time I bat for real, I just imagine playing Wii Sports and I hit the ball every time!

  22. Can you do a video of how to increase your power, but not to increase the chances of swinging and missing??

  23. A way to also help is getting a Traffic cone instead of a tee because a traffic cone is more sturdy and is heavier so if you want to do more than just hit the ball hit the cone it helps with arm strength

  24. I suck I can’t hit the ball and I just want to quit I thought I would be good but 👎. I just really need help hitting I fielding good I suck at batting our umpire call the pitches wrong and he want to call strikes on me cause he hates me

  25. I play softball but these all still apply to batting with a softball. So this really helped me with batting

  26. I know I'm a bit late to the video, but wanted to chime in that the most successful way to make contact every time is to have a camera in center field reading the catcher's signs and someone in the dugout to bang trashcans to inform of the pitch about to come.

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