How to make gluten free Energy Balls! Stump Kitchen 32

[trumpet tooting]
[pans banging] [both laughing] [theme music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! [Alexis] Welcome to Stump Kitchen! [Rosie] Welcome to Stump Kitchen! [Alexis] Yeah! Rosie, I am so happy that you’ve invited me
back to cook with you. [Rosie] Me too. [R2-D2 toy] Bleep bloop bleep blop. [Alexis imitating toy] Bleep bloop bleep blop. Like that? [Rosie] Yeah. [Alexis] What are we going to make today? [Rosie] Um, energy balls. First, we need to grab our oats and pour them in
the bowl. [Alexis laughs] Great yeah! [Rosie] And then grab our peanut butter and
we just… [Alexis] Get right in there! This is so great! So we’ve got oats in the bowl already, how
many oats do you think that is? [Rosie] One. [Alexis] That’s one oat. Should I use my stump to put this in? [Rosie] Yeah! [Alexis] Yeah. Whoa!
[both laugh] [Alexis] My goodness this is sticky! [Rosie laughs] Yeah. [Alexis] La la ra raaa
[Rosie laughing] Oh no! Did I get some on you? Yeah!
[Rosie laughs] Yeah. [Alexis] Peanut butter takes some time, you
just gotta be patient with your peanut butter. Mmmm… [Rosie] I like to lick off the spoon a lot. [Alexis] I like to lick off my stump a lot. It’s a good day. Yeah, it’s a very good day. [Alexis] Chocolate chip time! Yeah!!! [Rosie] We’ll just take one out of the bowl
and eat it. [Alexis] Very good instructions. What’s that? [Rosie] Yo, mom! What is this? [Mom whispers off-camera] Flax seed. [Rosie] Flax seed. [Alexis] Flax seed! Okay! [Rosie] And now, vanilla. [Alexis]Mmm! Doesn’t that smell nice? [Rosie sniffs] Yeah. [Alexis] Oh yeah. [Rosie] Now the honey! [Alexis] Can I just say that you are such
a good chef? Wow! Do you want me to use my stump to get the
rest out? [Rosie] Yeah! [Alexis] Okay. [unintelligible noises]
[Rosie] Very sticky. [Alexis laughs] It is very sticky. [Rosie] Just like the peanut butter. [Alexis] Just like the peanut butter, you
got it! You want some honey? Now what do we do just have a couple more
taste tests? Let’s go in! Mix it up! Mix it up! [Rosie] Unh, this is hard work! [Alexis laughs] Rawr! It’s really good to taste as you go, like
just get in there. Rosie, how did we do? [Rosie] Good. [Alexis] Yeah? Okay great! [Rosie] Oh we can’t waste this! [Alexis] You can’t waste it you better eat
it! [dream-like harp plays] [trumpet playing, pans banging] [both screaming and laughing] [Alexis] I bet you all want to be here right now with this, you want to be in this situation. [dream-like harp plays] [Alexis] Is this about the right size? [Rosie] Mm-hmm. That’s enough rolling. [Alexis] Okay! [Rosie] My hands are sticky. [Alexis] Me too! You’re making a baby one! [Rosie] No, I’m making a snake. [Alexis] Oh you’re making a snake!
[Rosie] S-s-s-s-s [Alexis sing-song] Stump, stump, stump, stump, stump, stump. [Rosie] It matches it!
[Alexis] It does match it! You’re right! [Alexis] Look!
[Rosie] Look! [Alexis] Mmmmmm that’s so good! [Rosie] I’m eating my fingers! [Alexis] Thank you for showing me this recipe! [Rosie] Mm-hmm.
[Alexis] Mm-hmm. [Rosie] Stump Kitchen!
[Alexis] Yeah! [theme music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! [Star Wars theme music begins to play] [Alexis] Who’s that?
[Rosie] That’s R2D2. [Alexis] Who’s that?
[Rosie] Chewbacca [Alexis] Who’s that?
[Rosie] Luke. [Alexis] Who’s that?
[Rosie] That’s Leia. [Alexis] I’m getting educated by a three year
old on Star Wars.

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