How to make Gluten Free Vegan CUPCAKES! Stump Kitchen 44

[Alexis] Just warmin’ up here! [theme music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! Welcome to Stump Kitchen! Ethan’s back! [Ethan] Yay! [Alexis] We’re so excited! Tell us what we’re making today. [Ethan] Vegan cupcakes! [Alexis] Yeah we are making vegan cupcakes
alright! Cupcakes are something I have never made before. [Ethan] Really? [Alexis] Yeah! Can you believe it? Have you made them before? [Ethan] No. [Alexis laughs]
[Alexis] We’re going to try something that we’ve never made before, I am so excited! [Ethan] Yeah.
[Alexis] Yeah. Preheat the oven. [Ethan] Yay! [Alexis] Yes. 350 degrees. Yeah brilliant! Step one accomplished. [Ethan] Yay! [Alexis] Yep. We’re almost done. Just kidding – we’ve just begun! Measure the apple cider vinegar into a measuring
cup — oh I need a measuring cup — AH!! [Ethan] Oh! [Alexis] You feel good about measuring things? [Ethan] Sure. [Alexis] One and a half cups of milk. Shake-a-shake-a-shake-shake-shake! I sure hope we have enough! Wow, you are such a pro, Ethan! One tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. It has some floaty things but it’s supposed
to cause it’s natural, so don’t worry. Don’t be scared by the floaties. [Ethan] Okay! [Alexis laughs]
[Alexis] We’re gonna do this. It’s happening. [both laugh]
Smell it, it’s so strong. [Ethan coughs]
We leave this over there to curdle. By the way, Ethan picked out this recipe,
so, we got a little chef here. [Ethan] Yeah! [Alexis] Okay! Let’s just look over here. Two cups of flour. [humming a little tune]
[Ethan] Okay — [Alexis laughs]
[Alexis belches] [Alexis] Pardon me. Wow, good technique Ethan! That’s excellent! Boom! One cup of white sugar! Open it. Yes! Great arm technique. Just shove it in, just hold it tight! [Ethan] Ow! [Alexis strains]
[Ethan laughs] [Alexis] Hello? Oh there we go! That hasn’t been opened in awhile you can
tell how much baking I do. [laughs] Doin’ it. Doin’ it. [Ethan] First break all the chunks in it. [Alexis] Yeah! I think that you’re a natural baker, cause
like I wouldn’t have done that. Boom! Stumps and nubbies are really good for cleaning
off tables. [Alexis laughs]
[Ethan laughs] [Alexis] That was the best. Two teaspoons of baking powder. I like your scoops they’re really awesome. Okay that might be too much – okay we’re gonna
put it in! You know, they say in baking that you’re supposed
to be really precise in your measurements, but, we’re just gonna see what happens. Half a teaspoon of baking soda. [Ethan] Half. [Alexis] There you go. [Ethan] Perfect. I got it. [Alexis] Half a teaspoon of salt! How would you like to do it? Oh I love it. Yeah that happens all the time to me! Oh this is so good! That’s the Ethan way! Whisk it up! Have you ever whisked anything before? [Ethan] Uh, yeah. [Alexis] Yeah? Like what? [Ethan] Uh, pancake batter. [Alexis] Oh yum! Like it has that kinda sweet smell already. I just wanna put my face in it! [Alexis laughs]
[Alexis] In a separate bowl… [Ethan sings] Ohhh…
[metal clangs] [Alexis] Okay okay! We’re awake! Yes! We’re gonna use this bowl. Half a cup of coconut oil, melted. [Ethan] Ooh! [Alexis laughs]
[Ethan] I got it! [Alexis] Yeah! Yeah! Squish it, squish it! To the microwave we go!
[clock ticking] In this bowl, we need the milk situation. Yes. [Ethan] I got it! [Alexis] You got it! [Ethan] Mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm! [Alexis] Now the coconut oil gets to go in. Mm-hmm! [Ethan] Ooh! [Alexis] Oh so goobery! Okay now one and a quarter teaspoons of vanilla
extract. [Ethan] I think we broke it! [Alexis laughs] We break a lot of things here,
it’s okay! Give it a smell. Doesn’t that smell so good? Way to go. Yes! Boom! Whisk it up! Whisk it up! Pour the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients
and stir just until blended. Yeah! [singing a jaunty tune] [Ethan] Shouldn’t it be wet? [record scratch]
[angel chorus singing] [Alexis] Yeah, how do we fix that? Great. Now put in how much you think. Perfect. I think your instincts are right my friend. Is that watery enough? [Ethan] Yeah. [Alexis] Yeah, I’d say so too. Guess what we get to do now? Yes taste it. [laughs]
We need muffin tins! [sings] “Spiderman, spiderman…
[both singing] Does whatever a spider can.” [Ethan] Ooh! [Alexis] Wah! We don’t know how they’re gonna turn out,
but we think they’re going to be awesome! [Ethan] Yeah. [Alexis] Okay we’ll see you in 15 to 20 minutes. [inaudible whispering]
[clock ticking] [Alexis] We get to make the icing! [Ethan] Yay! [Alexis] I totally forgot about it! All you need for icing is some butter, beautiful
vegan butter. [Ethan] Icing sugar. [Alexis] Some vanilla extract. Um, and there’s something else. [Ethan] Milk!! [Alexis] You could follow a recipe for icing,
but — [Ethan] But we can do it our own way! [Alexis] Put in a bunch of butter. [Ethan] Ooh! [Alexis] Yes! Now you need a nice splash. Brilliant.That’s really good. Yes, perfect. [Ethan straining]
[Alexis] Yeah! Oh my hands are slippery! [straining] When
in doubt, use scissors! Teamwork! [beaters whirring] [Alexis] Yep, good job. You made a very good icing. Guess what we get to do now? [Ethan] Lick ’em. [Alexis] Yeah we sure do! [Ethan] Mmm om nom nom. [bell dings] [timer rings]
[Alexis] They’re done, they’re done! Ohhhh. [Ethan] They’re nice and gold! [Alexis] Yes. Open your mouth! [Ethan] No, no, no! [Alexis laughs] How do we know when the icing
is done? Okay!! This is how you check if your icing is done! You know, Ethan, I think it’s only fair —
[Ethan screams] [both laugh]
[Alexis] There’s icing on my sock! [Ethan] I got it on the sock! [Alexis] Yeah you did! Step one to decorating –
[Ethan] Always use icing! [Alexis] Always use icing! Yum. They’re so beautiful! [Ethan] I need to spread this around. [Alexis] I’m so excited!
[both] One, two, three! Mmm!!! [Alexis] These are so good! I did not know that vegan, gluten-free cupcakes
could be a thing! Thank you so much for making me do this! This was such a good idea! Thanks so much for being here. Thanks for watching Stump Kitchen, subscribe
to the channel. check me out on Patreon. We’ll see you next time on Stump Kitchen! [Ethan] Bye! [Alexis] Bye! [theme music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! [Ethan] Always eat cupcakes when it’s your

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