How to make gluten free vegan Pancake Art! Stump Kitchen 23

[Ryder] Ryder and Alexis’ Pancake Studio! [Alexis] Pancake Studio! Yeah! [Ryder] Stump Kitchen
[Alexis] Stump Kitchen! High five! [music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS [Ryder] Hey guys! It’s uh… [Alexis] It’s Alexis and… [Ryder] Ryder! [Alexis] Welcome to Stump Kitchen. This is going to be an awesome episode! [Ryder] We’re gonna make all different kinds
of pancakes. First we are starting with chocolate chip
pancakes! [Alexis] Ready? Oh! [Ryder] Oh! [Alexis] Look you got one!
[both laugh] [Alexis] So the first thing —
[Ryder] Hey Alexis! [Alexis] Yeah Ryder? [Ryder] Alexis and Ryder – let’s do it! [Alexis laughs] [both] Let’s do it!! [Alexis laughs]
[Ryder] Ow that actually hurt my ear. [Alexis] Yeah that was a bit loud. Okay here’s our flour! Two cups in this thing – up to the top is
two cups. [Ryder] Squishy! [Alexis laughs] [Alexis] Okay I’m going to give this to you. [Ryder] Kay, and I’ll pour it in!
[Alexis] Good job. Mmhmm it’s okay to get flour everywhere! In the bowl it goes! [Ryder] TIMBER LIMBER!! [Alexis] Yeah! The next thing, can you open this for me? [Ryder] Oh brown sugar! I love brown sugar! [Alexis] Oh magic! Half a cup of coconut sugar. [Ryder] How much is half? I think it’s right here. Is that good? [Alexis] Almost perfect, just a little bit
more. [Ryder] That’s good. [Alexis] You need a little bit more. Ok yeah, now let’s see.
[Ryder] Oh I think we got more! [Alexis] Oopsies I think you’re right! [Ryder] That’s okay, right?
[Alexis] Yeah I think it’s fine! Let’s stick it in the bowl. Yeah, I like your technique. Next ingredient is – we get to use these fun
spoons! [Ryder] I wanna use the big one. [Alexis] So we need two tablespoons of baking
powder. [Ryder] Ooh can I open it?
[Alexis] Totally. [spoons drop]
Oh we dropped the spoons. [Ryder] Oh I’ll do this.
[Alexis] Okay. Sometimes I need to use a knife. [Ryder] I’m allowed to use butterknifes. [Alexis] Cool! I’m also allowed to use butterknives. Yeah! Way to go! Yep good. It’s just like the chefs do it. Go and give that a good stir. Yeah, yeah, yeah. [Ryder laughs] [Alexis] Oh it’s getting a little messy! We need one teaspoon of salt. Teaspoon – here it is! This one. [Ryder] Oh thank you! [Alexis] Yeah! I’m gonna use my stump and do like this, this,
this, this, this… [Ryder] Duuuuuuummmmmm
[Alexis] Dump it in! Two cups of milk. [Ryder] Oh, not coconut milk! [record scratch] [Alexis] We’re doing a special recipe for
people who can’t have real milk. [Ryder] Well, my grandma can’t have real milk. [Alexis] Like for your grandma. Let’s give it a shake, shake, shake! Good job! [laughs] Now this all the way up to two. I’ll hold it for you. Good job. Look it’s exactly at two! [Ryder] Pour it fast! [Alexis] Yeah you did it! Yeah, oh good mixing! One tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. [Ryder] Can I do it? [Alexis] Yeah you can! Fill that up! [Ryder gasps] [Alexis] We made a little mistake, that’s
fine! [Ryder] Pancake video! [Alexis] Pancake video! [Ryder] On Stump Kitchen! [Alexis] Yeah! Do you think we need a bit more milk in here? [Ryder] Yep, I’ll pour it. Do you think it has to be all the way up to
the top? [Alexis] No I think just to there. Just to the number two. [Ryder] No, to the top. [Alexis] No, just to the two. [Ryder] Well, that’s a two. [Alexis laughs] [Alexis] Good and I’ll mix it in. [both blowing raspberries] [Alexis] Okay, pour this in please, all of
it. That’s our melted coconut oil. Mixy, mixy, mixy. We’re gonna stick this pancake batter in this
squeeze bottle and then we’re gonna do pancake art. [Ryder off-camera] I’m gonna eat this chocolate chip!
[Alexis] And he’s gonna eat that chocolate
chip. [Ryder] I’m doing the spoon part. [Alexis] Okay you do the spoon part. Get it in there, yeah! [Ryder] Can you do it with this baby hand? [Alexis] Yeah I can do it with baby hand. [Ryder] You use your armpit? [Alexis] Yeah with my elbow pit! [Ryder] How is it called an elbow pit? [Alexis] ‘Cause it’s like the pit of your
elbow, you know? [Ryder] Here’s your armpit. [Alexis] Here’s your armpit, and here’s your
neck pit. [Ryder] And here’s your other neck pit. [Alexis] Here’s your ear pit. [Ryder] Here’s your hearing pit. And here’s your knee pit! [Alexis] Here’s your nose pit. [Ryder] Ew! [Alexis] Here’s your wrist pit. [Ryder] Yep wrist pit. Here’s your nose pit. [Alexis laughs] [Alexis] Good one. Yeah. Nice. [Ryder] I cannot make these. [Alexis] I’ll squeeze, you show me where you
want it. [Ryder] And over here… and over there…
and then over here to there. [Alexis] Now we fill it in! I’ll fill it all over like this for you! Did I get most of it? [Ryder] Yep. [Alexis] Here we go.
[Ryder] I’ll help you. [Alexis] ‘Kay thank you, yep, you help me. Ready? One, two, three! [Ryder] Ooh!
[Alexis] Whoa! [Ryder] It’s really good! [Alexis] We nailed it, Ryder! [Ryder] That’s how it’s supposed to be! [Alexis] That’s how it’s supposed to be, you
did it so good! [Ryder] I know! [Alexis] Yeah! We made pancake art! This is like, stellar work here folks. [Ryder] See that’s – those are the eyes. [Alexis] Yep! [Ryder] Here’s the nose.
[Alexis] Yep! [Ryder] Over here is his mouth. [Alexis] Yeah! I’m having so much fun! Holy cow. Okay let’s decorate this face! [Ryder] One right there, and one right here. [Alexis] Mmmhmm what else? [Ryder] Where’s some eyebrows? [Alexis] Do you want to paint them on? So this is just dark chocolate and peanut
butter microwaved for about 45 seconds and mixed together and it’s awesome for painting
on food. Oh yeah! Look at that! [Ryder] Strawberry for the nose.
[Alexis] Yum. [Ryder] Chocolate chips for here… one…
two… three…
[Alexis] I’m gonna eat some of this. [Alexis whispers] Oh this is the best! [Ryder]… and four. [Alexis] Should we show everybody? This is breakfast art! [Ryder] Yay!
[Alexis] We did it! It’s so beautiful! [Ryder] It’s a slug! [Alexis] It is like a slug! [Alexis makes slug-like noises] [Ryder] Hee hee that tickles! Hey! I’m Mister Ryder Poop. [Alexis] Hey! Let’s eat some pancakes! Hey oh no! My friend is getting eaten! Oh no! Okay get your catapult ready! Did it! We did it! Look it landed right there. [Ryder] I’m gonna try the mouth. [Alexis] Yeah you eat that mouth. [Ryder smacking lips] Mmm!! [Alexis] We did it! Are we the best chefs ever? Yeah we are. Thanks for being on the show! [Ryder] You’re welcome! Let’s make some more pancakes! [Alexis laughs] Okay let’s do it! [music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS [Alexis] First should we let your mom-
[Ryder belches] [Alexis laughs]
[Ryder] Excuse me! [Ryder laughs] That always happens. [Alexis] You know what? That’s okay. Everyone’s gassy. It’s all good. That was the best. [Ryder laughs]

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