How to make Gluten free vegan Pizza! Stump Kitchen 41

[Alexis] I call my arm my stump, what words
do you use for your arm? [Ethan] Nubbies. [Alexis] Cool awesome. Double nubbies and stumps! Give me five. We’re like mirror opposites! [theme music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! [Alexis] I’m Alexis. [Ethan] I’m Ethan. [Alexis] Hello! We’re gonna make pizza for you today. Right? [Ethan] Yeah. [Alexis] Yeah. [both] We’re gonna make vegan pizza! [Alexis] I can’t wait to cook with you! [Ethan] Yeah. [Alexis] Yeah! So Ethan, what’s your favourite food? [Ethan] Um, ham casserole. [record scratch]
[Alexis] Can you just describe to us, what is a ham casserole? [Ethan] Okay, there’s ham, cheese, and I think
some potatoes in it. [Alexis] It sounds amazing. It’s the opposite of vegan, but it sounds
really, really good. Oh my gosh you’re taller than me. But my hair makes me a bit taller than you. Yes! We’re gonna make pizza today. Yes, yes, yes! How do we do that? How do we make pizza? [Ethan] You make pizza by putting dough on
the bottom if you’re making it from scratch. [Alexis] Yep. [Ethan] Then you put pizza sauce. [Alexis] Yep. [Ethan] And then if you want you put cheese
or other ingredients. [Alexis] That sounds amazing. We’ll kinda do it together and you can be
the pro. [Ethan] K.
[Alexis] Let’s get our ingredients! [Ethan] Red pepper! [Alexis] You got it! [Ethan] Black olives! Pizza sauce! Onion! Cheese! Bread! [Alexis] Yes! Do we have everything? [Ethan] Yep! [Alexis] Okay let’s make this pizza. Do you drink coffee? [Ethan] No. [Alexis] Okay, there’s one. Brilliant! Really good technique! Now what? [Ethan] Pizza sauce! [Alexis] Pizza sauce! What’s your favourite colour? [Ethan] Black or blue. [Alexis] Black or blue? This is green! [laughs]
[straining sounds] How many stumps does it take to open a can? Maybe two and a half!
[both laugh] [Alexis] Okay two stumps – two- yes! Are you getting a workout? I’m getting a workout. [Ethan] Yeah! [both laughing] [Alexis] Oh my gosh that is fun! Whoa – we got a little explosion there! [Ethan laughs]
[explosion sounds] [both laugh] [Alexis] You know, sometimes when you’re cooking you just gotta go with your gut and go with
what your body wants to do, you know? [both laugh]
[Ethan] It got in my mouth! [Alexis laughs] How does it taste? [Ethan] Good! [Alexis] Okay I think we’re good here! Do you wanna maybe clean up a little? [Ethan] Yeah! [Alexis] Okay! So, now what? [Ethan] Um, white onion! [Alexis] Listen to this sound – [metal clanging] So I’m gonna take the onion like this, hold it down with my stump really firmly. Cut off one end and then start to cry a little. Here you go my friend! Yep you got it! Just like a pro. Like a boss. Boom! Wow! I like to call this the lazy chop. Put my stump on top. [singing nonsense] We are chefs, chefs, chefs,
chefs! This my friends is a knife pro right here. We chopped our onions, now what do we do? [Ethan] We put it on the pizza! [Alexis] Okay! Dee-dle-ee-dee-dee! It’s kind of like creating a piece of art,
you know? [Ethan] Yeah. [Alexis] Yeah. Whoa! You like onions, don’t you? [laughs]
Okay now what? [Ethan] Uh, clean up this? Red pepper! [Alexis] Hello red pepper! La-la-la-la-la-la! It’s really good to stick out your tongue
when you use a sharp knife, just for concentration, like this. Time for some lazy chops, are you ready? [Ethan] Yay! [Alexis] Lazy chops! Lazy chops! You’re being very safe it’s amazing! Red pepper on the pizza! This episode brought to you by the colour
red. [both laugh]
[Ethan] Okay I’m done! [Alexis laughs]
[Alexis] Ready? Oh! Oh! [laughs]
We can get this, we can totally get this. Oh! Oh! Yeah! Oh we missed! We missed, we missed! [funky music plays] Yeah this is like the mid-cook dance party
where we get to cool off a bit. [both laugh]
Now what? [Ethan] Olives! [Alexis] Olives! [Ethan] Olives – if someone gave me a whole
pack, they’d be gone within ten minutes. [Alexis] Really? So like you’d eat this in ten minutes? [Ethan] Five actually. [Alexis] This whole thing? Olive this??
[straining sounds] Looks like you’ve done this before. Yeah! Now what do we do? [Ethan] Put them on the pizza! [Alexis] Yeah! Just like whole olives right on the pizza? [Ethan] Yeah! [Alexis] Oh my gosh. [Ethan] Ta-da! [Alexis] Hello, my name is Olivia, what’s
yours? [Ethan] ????
[Alexis singing] [Alexis] You know who we look like? Princess Leia from Star Trek — STAR WARS! What’s next? [Ethan] Cheese!! [Alexis] Cheese!! All the cheese you want! Yep! Get it on the floor! That’s allowed. Cheesy time, cheesy time! This is vegan cheese! [Ethan] I don’t know how mine is going to… [Alexis] Okay… [Ethan] I’m making like a quesadilla. [Alexis] Oh yeah you are, smart! We are professionals! Boom! From the back! Boom! Good job! You got it! Boom! [Ethan] Waiting for the pizza! [Alexis]Waiting for the pizza!
[crickets chirping] [Alexis] P
[Ethan] I [Alexis] Z
[Ethan] Z [Alexis] A
Who’s hungry? [Ethan] Me!! [Alexis] Me too! There’s something new about Ethan, I don’t
know if you noticed it. Wanna tell us what’s new on your face? [Ethan] Band-aid! [Alexis] He just had an injury from before
so we just wanted extra protection, so… No children were harmed in the making of this
episode. Check it out, yo! One for nubby and one for your left hand! There you go, use your nubby too. Yep. Good job! Yes! You nailed it! Look at our creations! Do you trust me? [Ethan] Maybe. [Alexis] I don’t trust myself but we’re gonna
do it anyway. Mitts off!
[crust crunches] Did you hear that crunch? A nice, delicate thin crust pizza. Look at the steam just like rising. Oh.
[both] Mmmmmmm!!! [Alexis] I just wanna roll in this, I just
wanna roll in it. Thank you so much for being here! [Ethan] You’re welcome. [Alexis] Yeah! I loved it so much! This made my day. [Ethan] Me too. [Alexis] You wanna come back? [Ethan] Mm-hmm!! [Alexis] Oh yes I would love it! A really great thing you can do is subscribe
to St– st— what’s this show called? [Ethan] Stump Kitchen. [Alexis] Thank you. Ethan and I really want you to subscribe,
like, follow, comment, all the things! I want to eat this everyday! [Ethan] Mmm! [Alexis] Yeah! Want another piece? Let’s just get in there. We’ll see you next time on Stump Kitchen! [Ethan] Yeah! [Alexis] Yeah! [theme music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! [both singing] Mmm mmm mmm!

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