How to make Hummus by Stump (or hand)! Stump Kitchen 37

[Alexis] Three hands, three feet, two stumps
— double stump magic! [Kristi] Double stump magic! [Alexis] Double stumps. [theme music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! [Alexis] Welcome to Stump Kitchen! [Kristi] Hi! [Alexis] This is Kristi! [Kristi] Alexis, I’m excited to be here! [Alexis] I’m so excited! Kristi is a leg amp! Oh!! [Kristi] I’m breaking your kitchen with my
prosthetic. [Alexis] You’re the first one on Stump Kitchen. [Kristi] I’m so excited. [Alexis] I’m so excited! [Kristi] I have never made foot with my stump
before. [record scratch]
[Alexis] Foot? [Kristi] Food! [Alexis laughs]
I’ve never made food with my stump before! [Alexis] What are we gonna make today? [Kristi] We’re gonna make hummus! [Alexis] Hummus! We’re gonna go out on a limb —
[both laugh] and we’re gonna make hummus just with our
bodies. [Kristi] I think that’s awesome. [Alexis] That sounds f#%kin’ great! [Kristi] That’s f#%kin’ awesome. [Alexis] Look at these gorgeous ingredients! Beautiful. Tahini, salt, olive oil, what’s this? Cumin! Garlic, paprika — oops! [Kristi] Lemon, chick peas! [Alexis] This is all you need. [Kristi] I should probably wash my stump first! [Alexis laughs]
Cause mine like it’s been in a prosthetic sweating all day, so… [Alexis] Let’s wash our stumps! [Kristi exclaiming] [Alexis] You never know where your stump’s been! You never really know! Let’s get a can opener. [Kristi] How do you work this thing? [Alexis] Yeah yeah yeah. Let’s drain and rinse it! Apparently the more you rinse them the less
gassy you get. [Kristi] Oh yes, yep. [Alexis] Oh yes! [Kristi] Smash, smash! [Alexis] It’s working so well! [Kristi] It feels so good! We are skinny dipping in here??? [Alexis laughs]
[Kristi] I can’t believe I’ve never done this before. [Alexis] I know! It’s gonna just change your f#%kin’ world! We highly recommend you do this at home, like,
the feeling is kind of like chunky play dough. [Kristi] And it is kind of like a massage
in a way too. [Alexis] Yeah! Bumps!
[laughs] Tahini!
[Kristi] Mmm! [Alexis] I’m not sure how much. What do you think? What do you wanna put in? [Kristi] I love tahini. [Alexis] Just go until your heart says “stop”. Yeah! [Kristi] So yummy! [Alexis] Tahini in! Next is garlic. I usually just like hold it down and I take
the knife and put it in between two cloves and then I twist it and then it pops right
out. [Kristi] Gorgeous. [both straining]
[Kristi] I need to press so hard! [Alexis] Alright give it a good —
[Kristi] Oh!! [both laughing]
[Alexis] Garlic on the ground! [Kristi straining]
[Alexis] Get it! [Kristi] Oh my god I’m sweating! [Alexis] Yeah, you know, cooking is a workout. Now guess what we get to do? [Kristi] What? [Alexis] Smell our stumps. [Kristi] Ooh! That’s great! [Alexis] So garlicky! Now because we don’t have a blender or a food
processor, we have to cut these as small as we can. Dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee. [Kristi] Yeah I wonder if eat so much garlic
if I just don’t smell it on people anymore? I must be kind of half garlic. [Alexis] Probably. Now we’re gonna put all of this in! That’s a good choice. [Kristi] I think so! [Alexis] We’re making a good f#%kin’ choice
here. [Kristi] What’s next? [Alexis] Lemon juice. [Kristi] Lemon juice! K! [Alexis] Give that a couple rolls. Just to like break the juice capsules, just
to get it really juicy. [Kristi] This feels like, I swear I’m getting
a massage! [Alexis] Holy s#%t you did a good job! [Kristi] I did! I did! [Alexis] Oh yes! Oh it’s working so well!
[both laughing] [Alexis singing] Deedle-dee-a-deedley-dee! Does it tickle a little? [Kristi] It feels great!
[both singing] Deedle-dee-deedle-deedley-dee! [Kristi] This is absolutely perfection. [Alexis] Yeah! Who needs a juicer when you’ve got a stump? [Kristi] Gorgeous! Voila! [Alexis] Next thing, some olive oil. One, two, three. [Kristi] Yeah. [Alexis] Good? [Kristi] Yeah, I think so! [Alexis] Okay! You can throw in some salt. [Kristi] Okay. [Alexis] Just follow your heart! [Kristi] Okay. I like your cooking style! [Alexis] Thank you. [Kristi] Oh god it smells so good! [Alexis] Cumin smells f#%kin’ good! [Kristi] Yep. [Alexis] Here’s some paprika. [Kristi] That’s the stuff! [Alexis] I think that’s it! [Kristi] Smashy smashy!
[Alexis] Smashy smashy! Oh yes! Oh it’s happening! [Kristi laughs] [Kristi] Oh my god! [Alexis] It’s like a day at the spa. [Kristi] This is gonna be delicious! [Alexis] Yeah and our stumps are going to
be so f#%kin’ moisturized! Mmm! [Kristi] I just can’t wait to eat it! [Alexis] It’s so fresh! Like everything —
[Kristi] Mm-hmm. [Alexis] I didn’t think it would be this good! [Kristi] It’s really good! [Alexis] It’s really good! [Kristi] Yeah it’s so good! [Alexis] Holy s#%t! Way to go champ!
[both laughing] [Alexis] Thank you for being here! [Kristi] Thanks for having me! [Alexis] Stump buddies for life! [Kristi] Whoooo!
[Alexis] Two! Maybe you’ll come back? [Kristi] Oh yes, can I please? [Alexis] Yes I would love that! It was so great! And we’ll see you next time on Stump Kitchen! [Kristi] Bye! [Alexis] Bye! [theme music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! [Kristi] It’s so good, I could eat that whole
thing! [Alexis] Well you get to! You get to take this home with you! [Kristi] Really?!

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