How to make Pasta Carbonara! Stump Kitchen 27

[Sofia] Never do this at home!
[Alexis] Never try this at home! [Sofia] Sofia is going to chop her wrist off-
[Alexis]Mm-hmm [Sofia] No wait, hand off! So she can be just like you! [Alexis] Mm-hmm. [Sofia makes sawing noises]
[Alexis] We’re just going to pretend. [Sofia] Pretend only!
[Alexis] Pretend only! [theme music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! [Alexis] Welcome to Stump Kitchen! We’ve got Sofia here. [Sofia] Hi. [Alexis] Rumour has it that you like to cook
a little bit? [Sofia] Yeah. [Alexis] What do you like to cook?
[Sofia] I usually cook macaroni or spaghetti. [Alexis] So we’re gonna make a very special
gluten-free, vegan pasta dish, pasta carbonara. So the first thing we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna boil some water for the pasta. Do you think this is enough water? [Sofia] Yeah. [Alexis] We’re opening up our rice pasta. Do you know how to work the stove? [Sofia] Uh, kinda. [Alexis] Go for it.
[oven beeps] We are off to a very good start. We’ve got mushrooms, green pepper… [Sofia] Tomato.
[Alexis] Oh yeah! So, tell me about your knife technique. [Sofia] Always keep your thumb far away from
the knife. [Alexis] That is very good advice. Our water is boiling do you hear it? [Sofia] Yeah.
[Alexis] Let’s go put the pasta in. Way to go!! [Alexis whispers] This is so much fun! [Alexis] Okay this knife? This is a Japanese knife and it’s the sharpest
thing in the entire world and I’m gonna let you use it. So you’re gonna hold it with your– yep there
you go. And take this hand and hold really – yeah! How did that feel? [Sofia] That was easy! [Alexis] Wasn’t it the best? I think I know what you’re going to put on
your Christmas list this year. [Sofia] A sharp knife! [Alexis] Oh yeah! Okay next thing! We’re gonna start to make the creamy sauce. One cup of coconut milk. Oh yeah! Half a cup of water. [Sofia] I think that’s good. [Alexis] Yes. Oh yeah! You get to use these fun spoons! Oh yeah! You know, these are really old. These are my mom’s. Sofia, do you know what this magical jar is
full of? It kinda looks like fish food, but in vegan
cooking, it’s a really nice cheese replacer. [Sofia] Yeast. [Alexis] Yeah! Nutritional yeast! Are you wiling to try it with me? Okay awesome you’re so brave! I think bravery is really important in the
kitchen. [Sofia] Try using a giant sharp knife for
your first time! [Alexis] Exactly! Like using a giant sharp knife for your first
time. You nailed that like a pro! So we need two tablespoons of this. [Sofia] You’re cooking fish food. Here fishies! [Alexis laughs]
[Alexis] Show me some whisking technique. [chanting] Whisk it up! Whisk it up! Have you done this before? [Sofia] Yes. [Alexis] Flour! Nice. Boom, in you go. Yeah I’m just gonna use my stump to get the
rest out- whoa! We just dropped it. [Sofia laughs]
[Alexis] Boom, boom, boom, boom. [Sofia] I have a weird hairdo! I wear a spoon moustache. [both laughing]
[Alexis] Boom! Boom! Oh! Oh! I could do this all day, you just keep goin’! Oh! [Sofia] Shouldn’t we get back to your recipe?
[record scratch] [Alexis] Okay that sounds good. She’s keeping us on point here. Now a teaspoon of dried basil. [singing] Where is it? There’s so many spoons! Beautiful. Some sea salt. Smack it in with my stump like that – beep,
beep, beep! And some pepper! Salt and pepper should go in everything. [Sofia] Yeah. [Alexis] Yeah. You know the drill. [singing] Bum, bum, bum, bum, bum. Our last thing that we need is a little bit
of lemon juice. This is just gonna make all of the flavours
just [singing] Bahhhh! Pardon me I had a little burp. You can do it all on your own. [Sofia] Wow. [Alexis] That’s okay you just get it in there. Yes nailed it! Do you know how to test if pasta is ready? [Sofia] No. [Alexis] You take a piece of the pasta and
you throw it against the wall and you see if it sticks. Whoa! It totally stuck up there! [Sofia] And she makes a home run! How do I get that pasta down? [Alexis] I think we’re gonna leave it forever. Okay we get to cook! Beautiful! That’s great! Let’s get these in our pan! Yeah. Seasoning! [Sofia] How much? [Alexis] Whatever you think, just follow your
heart! Perfect. Great!
Follow your heart. It’s starting to sizzle!
Wonderful! [Sofia] I’ve been cooking since I was 3 or
2. [Alexis] That’s amazing! [Sofia] Sargent Strainer reporting for duty! [Alexis] Hello! Now Sargent Strainer, we must strain the pasta!
Sargent Stump to the rescue! [singing] La, la, la, la, la. Boop de doop! [Sofia off-camera] It’s like a pasta trampoline! [Alexis] Pasta trampoline! Time to put it in the saucy sauce sauce. Good job. How do you say pasta in alien language? [Sofia] Bee bop bap. [Alexis] Bee bop bap. [Sofia] Bap bap.
[both laughing] [Alexis] It’s bubbling! How do you say stump in alien language? [Sofia] Bup! [Alexis] Bup! We’re gonna stir this sauce with the pasta. How do you say Sofia in alien language? [Sofia] Bap bee ah. [Alexis] Bap bee ah!
[both laughing] [Alexis] So tasting is so important. And if you drop it it’s okay… like that…
oh! We… okay. Bee bo bap. bap bap bap, beep beep beep. [Sofia] Bapee! [Alexis laughs]
[Sofia] Never eat hot peppers when you just take them out of the pan! Ah! Oh! [Alexis] Sometimes that happens when it’s
a little hot! Lessons from the pros – always blow on your
food before you eat it! Otherwise you burn your little tongue! You’d be like a fire-breathing dragon! Ahhh!
[singing] Brr-brr-brr-brr-WHOA! I almost fell all over the tomatoes! [Sofia] I think food make up is the best make
up! [Alexis] Yeah I betcha that would be really
awesome actually. Let’s put on some lipstick. Oh yes I think that’s very beautiful on our
lips. [Sofia] Mwah! Mwah! [Alexis] Yum! So we’re at the last stage of our gorgeous
gluten-free and vegan pasta carbonara and now we are gonna decorate it with basil and
tomatoes, Christmas colours, if you will, and Sofia show me what you’re gonna do! Show me the ropes! [Sofia] Voila! [Alexis] That is gorgeous! [Sofia] I have a basil tongue. [Alexis laughs] You do have a basil tongue. I have a basil tongue too. [Sofia] Mm-hmm. [Alexis] Mm-hmm. [Sofia] Oh that gives me another idea! Little small leaf — Take 2 of lovely decoration
food. Take 3 – tomato comes and crashes the party! Tomato crashing party! Then this monster eats the tomato! AH! I’m an ‘eat-anything’ unicorn. [Alexis laughs]
[Sofia sings] Unicorns are [inaudible]! Okay changed my mind! I’m an alien unicorn. Bap! Brrr! [Alexis] Brripp bap bap! [Sofia] Brrripp! [Alexis] Rrrrrrr! [Sofia] Rrrrrrrr! [Alexis] Brrrrrrr! Bee boo bee bop bo Sofia! So Sofia, like, this was so much fun. Thank you so much for coming on Stump Kitchen. [Sofia] You’re welcome. [Alexis] You’re the best sous chef. Thank you so much for watching. [Sofia] I enjoyed being on Stump Kitchen. That was the best video ever! Cause I was in it!! [Alexis] Yeah!! [Sofia] And now the new star of Stump Kitchen
– Sofia! Ta-da! Fireworks!
[crowd cheering and fireworks] [Sofia singing] It’s all about me! It’s all about me! It’s all about me! [Alexis] Stump Kitchen is now in Sofia’s hands. [Sofia] It’s Stump Sofia! [Alexis] Is it okay that I’m a guest on your
show today? [Sofia] Only for today! [Alexis] Well you never know when you’ll need
some good stump techniques, I’m really good at showing those off in the kitchen. This was the best! High five my friend. Boom! High stump! Boom!
[both speaking alien language] [Sofia] Changed my mind! I like cameras! [Alexis] Oh no you’re going to eat the camera! Ahhhh!! [theme music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! [Sofia singing] It’s all about me!!!

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