24 thoughts on “How To Make Quiet Book Pages Stiff | Interfacing & Batting | Русские Субтитры

  1. Спасибо большое за видео и что на русском написали отдельное спасибо. И не могли бы вы подсказать где вы покупаете синтепон и дублерин?

  2. I admire you. You are a genious!!!!! I m dron Argentina and I try todo learn with you. Thanks!!!

  3. great video and tips .. it will be awsome too to share how you manually stitch two pages and make sure they are perfeclty aligned while there is a piece of batting in between prevents from accurate vision 😁

  4. GREAT advice it's so perfect I saw one sold online and it was so poorly made no interfacing no binding no closure everything was just hot glued and it was expensive too
    I'll use your advice to make one for my daughter and maybe if I get really good at it I'll make a business out if it someday
    Thank you so much for giving out your secrets for free

  5. Thank you so much for your "how to make quiet books". I spent many months making my friend's babys book. I would not have managed without your help. I didn't sew as straight as you but i am proud to have made it.

  6. Is there another similar interfacing I’d be able to find at a local store? I’ve tried to look but can’t seem to find one that makes the pages stiff enough!

  7. شغلك ممتاز ورائع ، أنتي الأفضل لأنك تعلمي غيرك بأفكارك وطريقة عملك♥️

  8. Cheguei eu hahaha, deixa ver se entendi. A página é o tecido colado na entretela (pra dar firmeza) e depois coloca a espuma (aqui no Brasil acrilon) no meio unindo as duas páginas pra ficar fofinha. É isso?

  9. I love your videos! I have been wanting to make quiet books for my toddler twins and these videos have definitely inspired me to get started 🙂

  10. There is so much detail work to this and more supplies than I would imagine… Do you sell these? I'm not sure I could do it myself.

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