How to make vegan Bacon! Stump Kitchen 38

[Molly] Have you ever done the thing where
you shake your belly while you drink? [both belching]
[Alexis] This is why I keep inviting you back, cause you’re the f#%kin’ best! [theme music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! [Alexis] I think that today should be high
ponytail day. [Molly] I agree! [Alexis] Put your hair up! Hang on, can we just put this on the table? [Molly laughs]
You’re like the little mermaid! As high as you can! I think we have the same ponytail techniques! High ponytail day! [Molly] Yay! [Alexis] Yay!
[both laughing] [Alexis] My neck! Well welcome back! [Molly] Thank you! [Alexis] We’re gonna play a little fun game
with Molly. I’m going to give you ingredients one at a
time, and you will smell it, touch it, taste it, whatever you want, then when we’re all
done you have to guess what we’re gonna make! [Molly] Okay! [Alexis] Okay close your eyes! [Molly] Okay! [Alexis] No peeking! [Molly] K! [Alexis] Pinkie swear! Stump pinkie swear! K, here we go! [Molly] Coconut! [Alexis] Yeah! Next one! [laughs] Don’t take a swig! [laughs] [Molly] Is it soy sauce? [Alexis] Gluten-free soy sauce. You’re doing well! Two for two! The next ingredient… [Molly] Ooh! [Alexis laughs] [Molly] Is that like molasses? [Alexis] Maple syrup. [Molly] Oh okay! [Alexis] Uh huh, uh huh. [Molly] Did I spill on the floor? [Alexis] No, not at all. [Molly] Okay! [Alexis] You’re doing extremely well! Here’s the second-last ingredient. [Molly] It smells good. [Alexis] Yeah, yeah! [Molly] Ooh it’s strong! Wor-che-ter-shire? Wor-sche-ter-shire? Worshessher? [both laughing] [Alexis] I’ll give you a hint, it comes from
trees and fire. [Molly] Ash?
[both laugh] [Alexis] It’s liquid smoke! [Molly] Oh! [Alexis] Okay, last thing. Here you go! [Molly] Oh, is it a cucumber? [Alexis laughs] Yes! [Molly] Why?? [laughs]
[Alexis] We’re not actually cooking with this. It’s just for fun! [Molly] Okay! [Alexis] Do you want to hit me with this cucumber? [Molly] No, it’s okay!
[both laugh] [Alexis] Okay, you’re a good sport! Do you have any idea what we’re making? [Molly] Hmm. [Alexis] Hmm. [Molly] Oh my gosh. Are we making like some sort of meat substitute? [Alexis] Yes! We are! [Molly] Really? Like bacon or something? [Alexis] Yes! You’re so smart! [Molly laughs]
Yeah we’re making coconut bacon! [Molly] Awesome! [Alexis] So all we need is a bowl. We’re gonna stick all that um – no wait! Stop! We do the sauce first! Three-and-a-half tablespoons of maple syrup. Nature’s nectar! [Molly] Eee I don’t want to drop it!
[both laughing] [Alexis] Mmm! Oh f#%k! [Molly] Bloop! [Alexis] And now we need, let’s think, I’m
doing this from memory, so… [Molly] Okay! [Alexis] Two-and-a-half tablespoons of Tamari
or gluten-free soy sauce. Balancing! So many great stump techniques happening in
this kitchen! I think it’s one-and-a-half tablespoons of
the liquid smoke? I’ll hold it in my elbow, but — [breathes
out] I’ll kind of blow on it first so it sticks and then I hold it and just kind of… Try! [Molly] Okay! [Alexis] But you gotta blow on it! [Molly breathes out]
[Alexis] Yeah! Yeah. Let’s have a little smell. Ohhh. Mix mix mix mix, bacon beats, bacon beats,
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle beats. Do you think it needs more of? More Tamari? Okay. [Molly] Alright, mix it up! [Alexis] I licked this. That’s cool though, cause we’re friends. [Molly] I don’t care! Is that better? [Alexis] Yeah I think so!
[Molly] Mm hmm. [Alexis] Yeah way to go, you nailed it! We take all of this coconut and throw it in
there! So you really just wanna coat the coconut
flakes in the liquid so they’re just kind of like all like damp, you know? [Molly] Oh it smells like bacon!!
[both laughing] [Alexis] All the vegans are just like AHHHHH! Somebody told me once that this coconut kinda
looks like fingernails. [both laughing]
[Molly] Why would you say that?? [Alexis] Hey Molly. [crunches]
[both laughing] [Alexis] Okay great, so now we preheat the
oven cause I forgot to do that. I use about 315. You need a pan with parchment paper. A Pan with Parchment Paper. [both] Pan with Parchment Paper! [Alexis] Pan! Parchment paper! Yeah! Get it on! [Molly] It kind of looks like corn flakes. [Alexis] Yeah. This is just an excuse to get to lick the
bacon off our stumps again, just so you know. Spread it all out! Let’s make sure to get extra hair in it! [Molly] Yeah! [Alexis] Extra protein! [Molly] Cousin Itt. Mer-mer-mer! Mer-mer!
[both laughing] [Alexis] K! [belches] Pardon me. [Molly laughs]
[Alexis] This is fu#%kin’ excellent. Good. [Molly] Mm hmm. Alright , we’re putting it in! We’re gonna put it in for ten minutes, then
we’re gonna shake it around, and then we’re gonna do it for another eight minutes, eight
minutes? [Alexis] Yeah. [Molly] Okay! Do we have a timer? [Alexis] Oh shit, let’s set a timer! [Molly laughs]
[Alexis] Again, this is why you’re my friend! [bell dings] [timer rings] [Alexis] Wah!! [Molly] Whoa!! [Alexis] Let’s check our bacon!
[both] Ohhh! [Molly] Nice! Look at these! [Alexis] Hello. They’re gonna feel kinda sticky and tacky
at first? That’s awesome. We’re halfway done. I’d say even like seven minutes is probably… Back in we go Chef Molly! [bell dings] [Alexis sings] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Bacon Time! Dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee! [Molly] Oh they look good! [Alexis] Oh yeah. It’s good when you just smell a hint of burning,
they’re probably perfect. As they cool they’re gonna harden up. [Molly] Mmmm! It’s so good! [Alexis] Oh my god. Let’s have some more! Mmm! [Molly] Oh my god it’s so yummy! [Alexis] So this is bacon, you can put it
in a caesar salad wrap, BLT, or just eat it out of the pan. [Molly] Or if you roast some potatoes? [Alexis] Mmhmm! You gotta try this at home. Like so easy. Four ingredients. Delicious. [Molly] Mm hmm! [Alexis] Thank you again so much for being
here! [Molly] Thank you! [Alexis] Thank you so much for watching. Make sure to subscribe to the channel. High five. [both laughing] [theme music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! [Alexis] Boom! [Molly laughs]
[both laughing] [Alexis] It’s so hard!
[Molly] It’s so hard! [stump smacks] [Alexis] Yeah! [Molly] Yeah!
[stump smacks] [Alexis] Yeah!!

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