How to make vegan Banana Boats! Stump Kitchen 16

Stump Kitchen, Stump Kitchen
Gluten-free, vegan eats and stumptastic treats. YEAH! [Rosie laughs] [music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! [Alexis] Welcome to Stump Kitchen. This is a very special edition of Stump Kitchen,
we’ve got Rosie here as our guest! Hey Rosie, how old are you? [Rosie] Two. [Alexis] You’re two? But you have so many teeth! We’re just mowing down on some blueberries getting ready for what we’re gonna make for you today. [Rosie] Banana boats. [Alexis] Banana boats. [Rosie] It’s gonna rain soon. [Alexis] What? It’s gonna rain? [Rosie] Yeah. [Alexis] Oh I guess that’s good for the
farmers, eh? [Rosie] Yeah! [Alexis] It’s been awhile since I’ve made
banana boats. Do you remember how to make them? [Rosie] Put them down! [Alexis] Okay. [Rosie] Go like this. [Alexis] Alright. [Rosie] Cut them. [Alexis] Yeah we cut them, okay. Good, yeah. Beautiful! [Rosie] Chocolate chips in there. [Alexis] We put chocolate chips in there! Eat them first. I really like the way you cook, you taste
as you go… [Rosie] You’re helping me. [Alexis] Okay I’ll help you. Do you like a lot of chocolate chips or just
a little bit. [Rosie] I like a lot. [Alexis] Me too. [Rosie] I dropped one! [Alexis] Oops! That’s okay. Now what else goes in? [Rosie] Mini marshmallows. Yeah! [Alexis] Yeah! [Rosie] How ‘bout we eat them? [Alexis] Okay sounds good. Oh such a good idea. Always eat when you’re cooking. One for the banana and one for me! [Rosie] One for me! [Alexis] Mm-hmm! [Rosie] ‘Kay we’re all done. [Alexis] We’re all done. Wait! We have other ingredients. We also have sparkly stars. [Rosie] I want some of those. [Alexis] Me too. [Rosie] I’ll eat this one. I’ll eat these ones. Do that. [Alexis] Okay I’ll do that. Every top chef knows that you taste as you
go. Is it fair to say that this is one of your
specialties? You like to make these a lot? [Rosie] Mm-hmm. [Alexis] Yeah you can tell. You’re a natural. [Rosie chomping]
[Alexis chomping] [Alexis sing-song] Hat hat hat. [chomping] I’m a raspberry hand. [Rosie] Yeah me too! Let’s eat all of them. [Alexis] Okay let’s do that. [both chomping] [Alexis] Yeah we did it! Shove that in there. [Rosie] Just one! [Alexis] Okay! That’s a great idea! [Rosie] One more. [Alexis] Okay one more. What’s our last step? [Rosie] Roll it up! [both singing] Roll it up, roll it up, roll
it up! [Rosie] We did it! [Alexis] We did it! [Alexis imitating phone ringing] Br-ring br-ring,
br-ring br-ring! [Rosie] Hello?
[Alexis] Rosie, is that you? [Rosie] Yeah. [Alexis] I think it’s time to put our banana
boats in the oven, what do you think? [Rosie] Yeah. [Alexis] Awesome! Let’s do it! Remember ovens are really hot so we wanna
be really careful. [Rosie] Okay! I’ll move out of the way! [Alexis] Okay you move out of the way! Good idea! Okay we’re ready! Good job! And now we’re gonna close it up! Okay it’s safe now you can come in. Yeah good we did that. That was hard. So how long should we wait for these? [Rosie] So let’s um, eat the blueberries. [Alexis] Let’s eat blueberries while we’re
waiting! Good one! Okay Rosie, let’s go check on them! [Rosie] Okay! [Alexis] Let’s go! [Rosie] I think they’re ready! Okay I’ll move out of the way! [Alexis] Okay you go over there. I’m just gonna grab them—
[Rosie] Do them now! [Alexis] Okay! [Rosie] They’re ready! [Alexis] I know they’re almost ready! Oh they smell so good! Oh yum! [Rosie] Yummy! [both] Ohhhh yeahhh! [Rosie] Yummy! Yeah! [Alexis] Get in there and eat it right away! Mmm. [Alexis singing] Eating our banana boats! [Alexis mimicking a train] Chicka-chicka…
oh the bridge is open – yay we can get through! Chicka-chicka-chicka YUM! You did it! [Rosie] Chicka-chicka-
[Alexis] Om nom nom. We really know how to pack ‘em back! Rosie it was so great having you on Stump
Kitchen today. Thank you for being a guest on the show! [Rosie] You’re welcome! [Alexis] Bah, bah bah, [explosion sounds] [Rosie] Stump Kitchen! [music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! [Alexis] So have you been wearing tattoos
a long time? [Rosie] Yeah. [Alexis] Oh cool! This is my baby hand. See? This is my baby thumb, this is my baby pinky,
and all my little fingers. …19, 20! [Rosie gasps]
[Alexis] You did it! It worked! And this one will go on my stump! [both] 16, 17, 18, 19, 20! [Alexis] It’s so awesome! Would you like to make banana boats with me? [Rosie] Yeah! [Alexis gasps] Me too! Can I help? Can I play? [Rosie] Yeah! [Alexis] Thank you! Let’s share some with Mommy too! [Rosie] Mama! [Mom] Mmm! [Alexis] Maybe Daddy wants some? [Rosie] Dad do you want some? [Dad chomping] [Alexis sing-song] We’re gonna share it
with our little brother. Yum! Oh it’s in your hand! It’s on the ground! [both laughing] [Alexis] On the floor!

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